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Yoked With Jesus Means What?

Can you please expound Matt 11:28-30?

Q: Can you please expound Matt 11:28-30? I would really appreciate it.

A :
"28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”" (Matt 11:28-30, NKJV).

This invitation from Jesus to experience spiritual rest is not for unbelievers, as they have no peace with God. God says that the unbelievers have no peace and are like the troubled sea, who have no rest, and cast up mire and dirt when they are troubled
(Isa 57:20-21). But we who have believed Jesus as our Lord and Saviour are the ones who have peace with God already (Rom 5:1). Because Jesus has taken all our sins upon Himself and died for our sins subtutionally, now we can choose to give all our worries, fears and hopelessness (Isa 53:5, 11; Php 4:6-7).

First of all this is a personal invitation from Jesus to all the heavy hearted people of God, who are filled with worries of the world and depressive circumstances of unsolvable proportions. In the Preceding verses Jesus was thanking the Father God for revealing the truth about Himself and the things of heaven to new born believers, even though they are spiritual babies recently born in to the kingdom of God through believing Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. God felt it was good to reveal the spiritual riches of heaven through the Son of God, who only knows the Father God intimately as He had come from Him who is in heaven. Because Jesus has chosen these true seekers of God and revealed the spiritual reality of the true God in heaven and the knowledge about Him experientially to new born believers, they began to understand God's power. No one truly knows the Jesus more intimately than the Father and vice-versa. Only when Jesus reveal the truth about God we can really find God's peace and rest in out soul.

There is a spiritual rest of Canaan land prepared by God and spiritually supplied for every believer through Jesus, where they can be able to enjoy the abundance of heaven's revelation of peace, joy and righteousness. All can enter in to this blessing zone without working hard to earn it because it has been prepared for every believer from the foundation of the world
(Heb 4:1, 3). Just like Joshua led Israelites who believed God promises in to the land of milk and honey, Jesus leads all the believers in to the spiritually soulish blessed land of Canaan rest. Excusively those who walk by faith believing in the promise of God will only see this spiritual land of victory over fear of death, sin, sickness and death itself. This zone of rest and blessing is only entered in by those who have a different spirit of Faith (2 Cor 4:13).

A yoke is a plowing instrument, where two oxen are joined together — yoked together by a simple piece of wood — in order to pull the plow or load behind them. Jesus himself being a carpenter, must have designed a lot of perfect yokes for animals. And thus he has used this physical woooden instrument to convey the spiritual truth figuratively. Thus taking the yoke of Jesus is to learn from Him, by walking with Him day after day and perfectly acquiring the skills to behave gently and humbly towards God and men. When two oxens are yoked, only when they walk in unity they will be able to walk easily with the yoke and bear the burden by sharing the load easily between them. Usually a younger oxen is yoked with the older one to be trained to carry the load. If the younger one runs fast or walks slowly in disunity, it will bear the whole burden unnecessarily and will hurt itself by carrying the load of weight alone, the load of which is supposed to be shared by two oxen. So it is very important to know that we can carry on in our spiritual life successfully only by walking hand in hand with Jesus and obeying him more and more accurately. Those who are in love and submission to Jesus' leadings can easily walk with Jesus
(John 14:15). The more the younger oxen's learns to walk in unity of purpose, will and mind, the easier it becomes for them to carry the Load. The same applies in our spiritual lives too, as we start to walk in unity of purpose, will and mind of Jesus, the lesser the load will become for us so that we may not carry alone and get hurt spiritually. A yoke is a suffering for a young oxen until it learns to walk rightly in partnership with the older one. In the same way, we suffer with Jesus until we start to enjoy the partnership with Jesus by sharing our loads of worries, fears, doubts and depression that comes from the world (John 16:33). Once we learn to walk coherently with Jesus, we enjoy rest by pulling the load of divine burden of Jesus that fills our heart with heaven's joy and Jesus takes our load from that time on and solves it for us in His time. We worry not for our own problems anymore, but only desire to fullfill the divine burden of His will for our lives. This divine exchange takes place when we willingly walk with Jesus. LEARN TO TALK WITH JESUS, WALK WITH JESUS AND REST WITH JESUS SUPERNATURALLY.

Much Blessings.....


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