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Meaning of Hosanna

Hosanna Really Means What?

Question : What does the word 'hosanna' really mean?

Answer : In the New Testament, Jesus entered into Jerusalem as their King, riding on a donkey’s colt.

”8 And a very great multitude spread their clothes on the road; others cut down branches from the trees and spread them on the road. 9 Then the multitudes who went before and those who followed cried out, saying: “ Hosanna to the Son of David! ‘ Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!’ Hosanna in the highest!” ” (Matt 21:8-9)
. And, later on that day, when Jesus was in the temple, the courtyard of the temple was full of children crying out, “Hosanna to the son of David.” (Matt 21:15).

1) "Hosanna" is the cry of praise or adoration shouted in recognition of the Messiahship of Jesus on his entry into Jerusalem. Shall we remember the goodness of Jesus who has given his own life to save us and welcome once again in to all the deepest and the closed areas of our heart. May JESUS have all our whole heart as He has already given His for us. And the people of God say, "Hosanna!"

2) "Hosanna," is a cry for salvation. Hoasanna means, “Save us! please!” Do you realise we need a Saviour to save and deliver us daily from our day to day troubles and sins. And the people of God say, "Hosanna!"

3) "Hosanna," is a cry for deliverance from the troubles that are coming upon the whole world. There is a GREAT UNPRECEDENTED TRIBULATION that God has revealed through Jesus to come upon the whole world for its wickedness at the time of the end
(Matt 24:21-22). We know that we are in the time of the end before the Tribulation is going to come. You may ask me how do you know? We know through the sign of catastrophes that Jesus predicted and said that it would come as a precursor birth pang and will increase, and would finally end in delivery during the Great Tribulation. These precursor signs of the beginning of the sorrows of Tribulations are deception, wars between nation and tribes, hate against gospel propagators and successive killings, famines, pestilences, lack of love in all the world and its result of cold heartedness and earth quakes in various places are happening just like Jesus said (Matt 24:4-14, 20-21). So what is the good news? Hear the good news from Jesus who has promised, "10 Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. 11 Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown." (Rev 3:10-11). Dear Saints just persevere to watch and pray so that you will joyfully wait for the coming salvation and rapture of the saints (1 Thes 1:10; 2 Thes 1:6-7). And the people of God say, "Hosanna!"

4) "Hosanna," is a cry for God's kingdom to come upon earth as it is in heaven
(Matt 6:10). The eastern gate of Jerusalem has been kept closed supernaturally and will be opened only when the Messiah comes to open it for the first time during the Second Coming and is described prophetically by the prophet Ezekiel (Eze 43:7, 1-3). The old walled city has eight gates, and the Eastern Gate, and it alone, is sealed — just as prophesied in Ezekiel 44. I believe Jesus is going to replay His triumphal entry into Jerusalem when He returns. The first time he was humbly riding in to Jerusalem as a King seeking peace for His people, because it was rejected by the Jews (John 1:11; Matt 21:42-44), Jesus has sought a people for Himself among the gentiles (Acts 15:14). We are now God's people chosen by Jesus within the Church who were originally not His people (Rom 9:25-26; 1 Peter 2:10). After the rapture of the Church to heaven (1 Thes 4:14-18), the marriage of the lamb followed by a big party of marriage supper of the Lamb will be there (Rev 19:7-90). Once it is all over, we will all follow Jesus in a white horses (Rev 19:14). For what? To open the eastern gate for the first time and enter in majestically to rule the earth along with Jesus for a thousand years (Rev 20:6; Psa 24). Praise the Lord! And the people of God say, "Hosanna!"

5) "Hosanna," is a cry for deliverance from the evil bondage's of the devil who tries to keep the saints from entering in to the new life of the heavenly Zion
(Heb 12:22; Matt 6:13). We appeal to God to break us and position us to receive the power of the Messiah who rules the world already spiritually (Php 2:9-11; Matt 28:18). It is a heart cry toward God not to allow sin to have dominion over us according to what God has promised in His word (Rom 6:14). When such a heart cry is heard by God, immediately he intervenes in our earthly zone to keep the saints under the power of heaven (Psa 34:17; 118:5). Praise the Lord! And the people of God say, "Hosanna!"


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