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A Question And A Prayer

More on : "Is Remarriage Sin After Divorce?"

Question : What if someone divorces and remarries and their ex wife or husband is living. Can you live with the 2nd wife or husband without sinning? My father is remarried and left my mom and started another family 35 years mother is still alone. My ex husband is remarried and I am still alone. I am afraid that remarriage is considered sin each day that you remain remarried. Some people say that you can get married the second time and then ask God for forgiveness. I don't know if that is true.

Excel in the first family? Not the second family? My husband remarried a woman that was widowed. My dad left my mom for another woman and started a second family. And even though I am in my 50's, I understand the pain of divorce because it has been with me since I was 17 years old and my dad left us. But now, I am worried about my dad's eternal future because he is still with his second wife...and my ex husband is with his second wife. Does God recognize the second marriage or is it adulterous each day the second marriage continues?

The churches and pastors have not been teaching about divorce and remarriage for several years. I think they are afraid to offend the congregation. There are about 50% divorce and are in 2nd marriages in the churches.

My dad and my ex husband are doing well mother and I have lived very poor...constant struggles financially. It seems like the people that did the sin came out without so many strugggles.

I guess my question is, can I look for a 2nd husband and still go to heaven. I am tired of being alone and doing the work of a woman and trying to take care of the car and mow the grass and all of the things that the husband is supposed to take care of..This is kind of blunt and to the point. Thank you and God bless you and yours.

Answer : Remarrying and living with some one when the ex-spouse is still living is a sin indeed. God's full blessing will not be upon the marriage or upon the person. One spouse for life is God's perfect will. Divorcing for anything other than for infidelity is unacceptable to God
(Matt 19:9). But we all make mistakes, if some one confesses to the Lord for their sin of adulterous living, God will definitely forgive the moment we ask God for forgiveness from Him and also cleanses us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:7, 9). But regarding the restoration of His familial blessings, He might in His mercy give that person a second chance to excel in his family life (Psa 140:6; 59:10; 116:1-2).

A believer is forgiven of all his past, present and future sins when that person invites Jesus in to his heart and accepts to God that he is a sinner in need of the SAVIOR JESUS TO SAVE him from hell fire
(Eph 4:32). The moment a person receives Jesus as his Lord and Savior, from that very moment God seals him with the Holy Spirit as a sign of promise that He has saved him for eternity ahead and has become his possession until the rapture happens (Eph 1:13-14; 1 Peter 1:18-19; Acts 20:28). This sealing of the Holy Spirit once done upon a person, it is a eternal guarantee to him personally of his eternal salvation (2 Cor 1:22; Heb 5:9).

But when it comes to a believer committing sin, first of all the moment a believer commits sin, the fellowship with God will be cut off, once that person chooses to confess it to the Lord and renounce it before the Lord, that person will be brought back in to fellowship with the Father God in great assurance of peace through imparted righteousness of Jesus
(1 John 1:3; Prov 28:13; Isa 32:17; Php 3:9). The moment a person comes to Jesus and asks for forgiveness by faith, at that moment itself God forgives that sinful person and cleanses him from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:7, 9; Heb 9:14).

When a believer willingly sins and chooses to neglect the fellowship with God and the peacelessness that come out of such life, Father God will intervene in to that person's life to chastise him and will try to bring him back to His right ways
(Heb 12:10-11; 1 Peter 4:17). Jesus always goes after that one lost sheep who has lost his way to Him because of sin and lack of fellowship (Luke 15:1-7). This chastisement of Father God may be sometimes severe to the extent that the believers in the first century Corinthian Church who played with the communion blessings given to them died prematurely (1 Cor 11:30-32). But the eternal destiny of a believer is never at stake at any point of his faith life because it is the faith life of Jesus that has saved all believers and have given a place in heaven (Rom 5:10).

So when a believer remarries and lives with another man or woman except for the reason of the death of his ex-spouse or infidelity, it is a adulterous relationship that the believer is living in. God will forgive that person of that wrong relationship if he/she confesses it to him, but the blessing of God will not be there inside this newly married life. But as we see in the Old Testament times, God does recognize the second marriage because of the hardness of men's heart
(Matt 19:8; 2 Sam 12:8-14). Even for king David in the Old Testament, the moment he confessed his adultery and murder to the Lord, God immediately forgave him, but the righteous God's blessing in his familial life was removed and a curse followed him and his family as a result of it. Our God is a wise God and cannot be mocked saying, it is ok to sin and ask God for forgiveness, God cannot be mocked because He catches the wise in their own craftiness and make them receive their own reward and reap that which they have sowed in their life (Job 5:13; 1 Cor 3:19; Gal 6:7-8). It is one thing to receive forgiveness from the Lord, but it is totally another thing to live in favor with God and men through God's blessings (Luke 2:52).

Financial status are not a indicator of God's blessing always and also being poor is also not a virtue and also not a indicator of God's curse always. Think about the poor beggar Lazarus who was saved and had faith but was desiring to be fed with the crumbs that fell from the rich man's table, his body was full of sores and he had no money to treat himself medically that dogs came and licked his sores. The rich man had everything but faith in God. But once they died, the true riches of each person was displayed for eternity. The rich man had nothing but torment and hell fire waiting for his godless rich life of indulgence, but the beggar Lazarus was so rich that he was taken by angels and sat at the bosom of the father of faith Abraham
(Luke 16:19-25).

Father Abraham understood and agreed that Lazarus received only evil things in his lifetime on earth because of the curse of sin and injustice on earth. So father Abraham also said that the evil rich man received only good things in his lifetime because of his deceit and wicked lifestyle of self indulgence. But think about it, for eternity the same beggar is comforted but the torment continues for the rich man
(Luke 16:25). Who is really rich? Of course Lazarus who will live rich for eternity ahead because of His faith in God. Spiritual riches are the highest and true riches that a person can inherit from God for now and for eternity ahead, so if a person really wants to be blessed he should seek for spiritual riches which is hard to get from God (Luke 16:11). God himself says that the righteous will have many problems in this life, but at the end they will be delivered from all of it (Psa 34:19). So take heart, you are right on the right road of inheriting the true riches for eternity ahead. Sometimes God allows his children to be poor but rich in faith so that they might increase in faith living to inherit great riches in heaven (James 2:5). Be content with what you have and have the spiritual gain of great faith for eternity ahead (1 Tim 6:6-8). Rejoice always for God's good plans of His for your life (Php 4:4;1 Thes 5:16).

If you marry again this will not affect your eternal destiny because you are not saved by your works but purely by your faith in Jesus
(Eph 2:8-9). Yes according to the word of God, two are better than one (Eccl 4:9-11). So think about it and take it to the Lord for further guidance (Psa 32:8). Marriage is more than a companionship it is commitment before the Lord (Mal 2:14), so it is better to think about the commitment factor first and not just the benefits of marriage alone in seeking for remarriage. It is better to stay single and be devoted and fully pleasing to the Lord because of its eternal benefits thereafter according to Apostle Paul who was a exemplary example to all in the Church (1 Cor 7:27-28, 32, 35; Col 3:23-24).

Thanks and Blessings....


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