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Dream Interpretation : Seeking Clarification and Confirmation From God

Has God Really Chosen This Man To Be My Husband?

Question : I consider this to be a blessing to have this opportunity to share this dream I had regarding a man named Glenavon with whom I have had no previous interaction with, knowledge of, or attraction to. I just met Glenn in May of this year, when I was assigned to intern in his program for the summer beginning in June. I was working with him for only 3 weeks, when I had this dream. I woke from the dream completely shocked.

On 7/2/2012 I had this dream and this is what happened: I walked into an office where Glenn was sitting in his chair with a big window around him. I said to him, "l love you, I mean I like you" he responded, "You better love your future husband" and we hugged. As we hugged there was a huge helicopter that exploded, followed by other clouds of explosions, randomly going off, and could be seen through the big window behind us.

It is my prayer, that God will give me clarity and confirmation to the words and meaning behind this dream. Has God really chosen this man to be my husband? Thank you.

Answer : Praise the Lord Sister! Thank you for sharing what you have seen and having a heart to know whether this is really from God. Yes God can speak a warning or a guidance through dreams and visions, which He has done in the Old Testament times and also continues to do in our times
(Gen 12:1-4; 15:1; 31:11; 46:2; 20:6). Visions are something that you are part of in fulfilling God's purpose for your life, dreams are more of a guidance to direct, inform of danger or warn you in the decisions that you might be planning to take or you might have to take in the future. God gives these visions and dreams mainly to reveal to a person who wants to fulfill God's will for their life. So only the result of getting filled with the Holy Spirit becomes the starting point for more visions to young people mainly because of God's desire to direct their future and dreams to old men so that they could be led by God to take wise decisions according to their age and gray hair (Acts 2:17; Prov 16:31; Psa 71:18). Dreams and visions can come to a God fearing person or even a unbeliever if God chooses to convey a particular message of his desire to be revealed to them (Gen 41:1-39; Dan 2:1-49; 4:1-37). Infact He has promised to use this channel of communication as a main means to speak to all of us who are His children through Christ Jesus in our New Testament days. If a vision or dream causes fear and scares you, it is from the devil (Job 7:14). If a vision or dream causes peace within you and confidence that God is in control of your situation, then it is from God (Psa 4:8). Only God can give all understanding and wisdom about the visions and dreams that He customizes to each individual to reveal it to them (Dan 1:17). To understand the symbols or situations of a dream and know what the dream is speaking about is understanding. To know what to do and how to apply it in our life situation is wisdom. We need both to effectively use the dream to fulfill God's purpose for our lives.

As for your dream, I can say that it might me a dream from God and also I find that it might be a warning dream to you. Though you have not seen and moved with this man before, but still a dream comes in which he is present in a short time of meeting with him does not mean that God is guiding you in to this relationship.

Two examples I would like to give you to explain it. Firstly, Abraham was given a son named Isaac, after Abraham by faith waited for nearly 25 years after God promised him
(Gen 12:2; 17:1, 16-17, 21:2, 5), he was told later nearly twenty five to thirty years after this to sacrifice his own son Isaac. Think about it, how many times Abraham would have reasoned whether it is God, or his flesh or the devil that was telling his son to be sacrificed as a burnt offering nearly 30 years after the birth of Isaac (Gen 22:1-12). Our loving God has never told even once to make human sacrifice to Him in the entire Bible or in any other instances. Abraham must have reasoned how God who had given Isaac could tell to kill him. But because Abraham had faith in the voice of God, he did not continue to reason but decided that if God has told him to do this thing, God was able to raise Isaac even if he has mistakenly killed him, which God did figuratively by sending a lamb and delivering Isaac from death at the last moment (Heb 11:17-19). God tested Abraham and Abraham won the test by giving up the biggest affection of his life to God without any precondition. Like this a dream or any affection must be first tested by giving in to the hands of God unconditionally. For example, if you are feeling that it is God who has shown this dream, tell to God that if this dream has been given to me, I want you to take control of it and orchestrate things in your own time and way. When you abandon your dream in to God's hand and stay quiet without trying to fulfill it on your own by trying to intiate what you have seen, very soon you will understand whether that dream is from God or your own soulish feelings that is trying to deceive you (Jer 17:9-10). If it is from God it will happen automatically or else it will not happen at all.

Secondly, we see a mighty man of God told by God to go and give a strong message of reproof to the king Jeroboam of Israel who tried to act as a priest which only the sons of Aaron were only qualified to do and for which only the tribe of Levites were appointed by God to help them in the sanctuary or temple work forever
(Exo 29:9; Num 8:16-18; 1 Kings 13:1-3). When the King tried to arrest him by commanding and stretching out his hand towards the prophet's direction, immediately his hand withered so that he could not pull it back to himself. Then the King pleaded to the Man of God to pray for him to God and as he prayed for the King, his hand was restored to him and became as before (1 Kings 13:4-6). God has clearly commanded this prophet not to eat anything that will be offered for him in the entire region of Israel until he returns back to the southern kingdom of Judah (1 Kings 13:7-10). Such a man of God was deceived when another old prophet from northern kingdom of Israel near Bethel enticingly told that he himself was a prophet and that God spoke to him through a angel to invite him back to his home and eat with him. This great man of God from Judah suddenly believed the lie that the old lying prophet spoke. And as he was sitting after eating bread and drinking water in his home, the same old prophet prophecied by the true Spirit of God that the true prophet will die a untimely death because of his disobedience to the word of the Lord. Exactly on the weay back to Judah, this true prophet was met by a lion which killed him, but the lion did not touch his donkey or even the men who saw this sad incident, but it stood by his corpse to indicate that it is sign to all of their generation for the disobedience to the word of the Lord. The old prophet saw the same and then took the body of this true prophet to bury it in in his own tomb (1 Kings 13:11-32).

What can we learn from this, sometimes when we are walking in the will of God, Satan may use his own dream or our own fleshly desire to deceive us to make us move away from the perfect will of God for our lives. Never believe a dream unless that dream is first tested according to the previous concrete revelation that God has already spoken to you, and also check whether the prophecies or dreams that have come to you is in-line with the word of God
(1 Thess 5:19-20; Matt 4:5-7). The devil has the ability to send false dreams or visions of lies to make us move away from the will of God for our lives (Jer 14:14; Eze 2:14; 21:29; Job 7:14-15). Satan roams around deceivingly by transforming himself in to an angel of light, to deceive with his deceitful tactics all of God's children who are walking in the will of God (1 Peter 5:8; 2 Cor 11:13-14). In such a scenario, if we are sincere follower of the Lord, God may use His dream to warn us to make us move away from the danger that is awaiting before us (Matt 2:12-14). Why does God allow such devil's dream or our own soulish deception to come over us? God tests us so that we could be trusted and be rewarded for our sincere seeking after Him.

In your dream, it is a office setting which means that this might come in some future time in the same or different place of your profession. The big window was near to his seat to give a clue of how God sees these whole things in your life and also to make you understand the spiritual insight that you need to find whether this whole thing is from God or not. Now coming back to your dream, once you said "l love you, I mean I like you", he responded, "You better love your future husband" and you both hugged in your dream. This shows that once this relationship takes off energised by your own effort, you see "a huge helicopter that exploded, followed by other clouds of explosions, randomly going off, and could be seen through the big window behind
[you both]." Windows signify the things of the internal spiritual insight of your heart through which the light of God comes to your life, this spiritual sight that you have might become clouded by going forward and initiating this relationship further (Prov 7:6-7; Judg 5:28; Joel 2:9). Lot of things that might seem valuable and costly while initiating this fleshly relationship, like those things that which might make you feel like as though you are flying high initially might get crashed very soon, which in time will totally cloud your spiritual vision. This is indeed a warning dream from God. I personally do not think that God has really chosen this man to be your future husband.

Still I will say to you personally to seek the Lord further to get peace in this regard in your heart
(Php 4:6-7). Do not leave the Lord until you are full of His peace which will guard your heart free from worries and fears, thus guiding you to walk in the perfect will of God for your life (Isa 48:17-18; 66:12).

Much Blessings.....


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