Monday, August 20, 2012

Jesus' Peace Supersedes Circumstances

Peace : O If Only I Have Wings!

By Abraham Israel

Most people who are frustrated in their Christian lives are those who have not understood who Jesus is and what He has promised to them when they believed Him to be their Lord and Savior. Jesus never promised anybody a life without problems and a bed of roses without any thorns in it. Many preach that if anybody comes to receive the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour all their problems will vanish, but the exact opposite is what Jesus has told to all but with a promise of victory in the end. From this we understand that many who preach the gospel have made it to be a shallow one by preaching only one side of the truth and magnifying it to lure people in to faith. Infact Jesus said, "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33).

If we ask the question, what did Jesus speak before this verse?, we see that He spoke about the Holy Spirit's continual help and guidance coming within us and His power coming upon us to be a mighty witness for Him after His death and resurrection, then He spoke that when He will be alive again He will return back to the Father God in heaven, as a result of this we will feel joyful because as Jesus represents us all on behalf of us individually before Father God, God has promised to answer all our prayers whatever we will ask Him in Jesus name. In other words, now because we know all our past, present and future sins are forgiven by God once and for all in Jesus Christ, we have the confidence to stand before God and ask for the grace to face all our problems that comes our way.

As Jesus told practically, as long as we are in the world which is deceivingly ruled by Satan and his demonic cohorts, we will have trouble with the enemy Satan and his demonic kingdom and they will give trouble to us as we are God's children and belong to the kingdom of God which rules us from above. The good news is, even though troubles one after the other will come to us, God has promised to deliver us out of all without fail
(Psa 34:19). Then because Jesus has become the ruler of the whole universe now, and all authority belongs to Him through His death and resurrection on behalf of us (Matt 28:18), we can freely invade in to the enemy territory to take back the bounty of souls who have been deceived, back in to the Kingdom of God where they can choose to freely belong.

Many times as troubles comes in to our lives and pains our heart, then terrors of death comes with much fearfulness and trembling, and when finally horror tries to overwhelm us, then we feel like the Psalmist David and try to say,
" 6 ...“Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. 7 Indeed, I would wander far off, and remain in the wilderness. Selah 8 I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest.” (Psa 55:6-8). Such times of distress may continue only for a season, but in the midst of it all, if we choose to praise God and thank Him for all that He has already done for us, suddenly the peace of God that passes all our understanding will begin to control and guard our mind from going in to deep unbelief which always makes us lose our spiritual warfare that we have been assigned by God. All trials are just for a season and this too will pass away, but the good that comes out of such storms of life will stay with us for eternity ahead as our godly inheritance in God.

We should never run away from the storms because God will never give us His supernatural peace if we fail to trust Him and face the storm with faith
(Php 4:6-7). Once you have won the spiritual battle of your mind through God's supernatural peace, then you will start to enjoy the blessedness of all heavenly blessings in the perfect will of God for your life (Eph 1:3). Real peace is not the absence of storm but to have the heavenly serenity of mind and the peace of Jesus in the midst of it. The world gives external peace which can be destroyed anytime by Satan and his demonic cohorts, but the peace of Jesus that He gives to us supernaturally within cannot be destroyed or even be touched by anyone from the outside if we stand in faith and maintain our posture of thankfulness and praise in the midst of all external changes that tries to affect us. We should rejoice in the Lord and be cheerful always knowing that Jesus is in control of all the trials and temptations that come our way.

All the trials that come our way is for our spiritual good and for acquiring heavenly treasures. We can become purposeless in this life without any satisfaction of living life if we continually resist the stroms of life and begin to grumble against God, be grumpy against our situation and become gloomy seeing the enemies as giants and ourselves as grasshoppers in a pessimistic faithless way. So face the trials and rejoice that God has sent it your way for your spiritual good. If you fail to face the handpicked, custom designed and sovereignly orchestrated trials in your life, you will waste it for nothing in return. Every time some trials or temptation makes you thinks that you cannot bear it anymore, remember you are not alone in this walk and test of obedience toward God through suffering, Jesus has walked before you and have overcome all the temptations of the world as a human like you and me. Because Jesus has gone through it all before you, He is now compassionate enough to help you with as much grace and mercy from the Throne of God if you come to Him through prayer
(Heb 4:15-16).

Let us pray, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for saving us from sin and keeping us in this world as your ambassador of peace to spread it as God's children. You have clearly told that we will have troubles, trials and temptations that will come to us as long as we are in this world which is deceived and controlled by Satan and his minions. But you have commanded us to be cheerful and joyful in the midst of all the tough times and circumstances that comes against us. You have promised to give us victory through imparting your very own supernatural peace when we choose to give all our troubles to you in prayer to you. Help us in this regard to trust you more and more, and give all our worries to you and receive in exchange your peace which will help us sail safely through all the storms of life that comes our way and reach our destiny which God has planned for us. Strengthen our hearts through the storms so that we may not be troubled, and help us to choose faith instead of fear and thus not be afraid of anything that comes agaist us temporarily. Thank you for all your goodness and above all as you have told that it is for our spiritual good and growth that God will allow trials in our life, help us to embrace it willingly and bring glory to you by maintaining thankful and praising spirit within us through your supernatural peace that you give each time we pray to you. In Jesus mighty name I pray! Amen and Amen! Praise the Lord!"

Much Blessings....


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