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How To Overcome Depression?

I Worry About Useless Subjects And Confuse Myself...Please Pray For Me.

Question : Hi Brother, Prayer request : I'm undergoing lots of emotional breakdowns. Though there is no reason to be upset, I feel sad and depressed. I know all that is happening in my life is according to his plans. I don't feel like studying. I feel the anger and hatred within me when ever I think about my studies. I need prayer help. I want the strength to face it. I worry about useless subjects and confuse myself. My exams are nearing...More over my sickness cripes me...( suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since childhood). Some times I even behave so mean to Lord...Please pray for me...

Answer: Hello Dear Sister, Greetings to you in Jesus mighty name! Praise the Lord! I understand your situation and I had similar kind of feelings and turmoils when I was approximately passing through 15 years of my age to 25 years in my past life. Like what you understand that all that is happening in your life is according to the plans of God, I also knew it to certain extent, still I had this turmoil which always caused some kind of emotional breakdown, self isolation and depression.

First of all let us know from the Bible that emotional breakdown, self isolation and depression are not the will of God for us and that is why Apostle Paul said,
"Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!" (Php 4:4). Rejoice in a simple way means, to release the joy that is already within you in your new spiritual-man. According to 'rejoice' means 'feel happiness or joy, to express great joy, rejoice proudly, become cheerful, be ecstatic with joy.' It is essentially a choice to express ourselves freely that then makes us joyful later. For example, it is like a girl who is waiting for her exam result who after knowing that she has scored the first mark and got qualified in at the top of the chart in her whole nation, starts to jump and then she feels the joy and taste of victory that she deserves for all the hard work that she has put in.

In our Christian life, the same is what the Lord has told to do. For example, God has said in His word,
"Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place." (2 Cor 2:14) and "For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace." (Rom 6:14). This means that no matter what we go through, God has promised that He will always give us victory over sin, victory over depression, victory over every evil that the devil will bring against us in our lives to destroy our faith at the end of every ordeal. And that He has promised to always lead us in triumphal procession of victory if we choose to rejoice by faith the promised victory in each step of our life, which we have not seen or felt by our feelings we experience through our limited five senses that we have (2 Cor 5:7; 4:18). Once we choose to rejoice believing in the promise of God, then the feelings of our senses will change because of joy supplied from our inner spirit-man where the Presence of God resides within (Psa 16:11). Once we choose to do this and train ourselves regularly in the Lord, we will feel joyful all the time apart from the circumstances we go through. This is why Paul urges all believers to grow spiritually by learning to "rejoice in the Lord always". 'Always' means 24/7/365. He reemphasizes this point again saying "Again I will say, rejoice!" because he knows that this is the foundation upon which the abundant life of heaven which Jesus promised to every believer on earth can be experienced (John 10:10).

All the Old Testament believers were promised earthly blessings in the earthly places
(Deut 28:1-14), but God promised the Church saints mainly all the spiritual blessings which He has deposited on behalf of each one of us individually in Christ Jesus and have given us a choice to experience all of it through faith, in the heavenly places of every part of our immaterial soul and spirit (Eph 1:3). Which means that our Canaan land is not heaven as some people think and hope to die and go there to experience joy everlasting, but our Canaan land is our ever increasing joyful abundant life of our soul. In heaven as it is the abode of God there are no giants to kill and this itself shows that Canaan to inherit is not heaven but the life of God lived on earth as it is in heaven (Matt 5:5; 6:10).

After I have learned this truth in my life, I began to fight every contrary feelings daily in Jesus name and I started to live by faith in the promises of God, then I began to experience bit by bit the joy of heaven in my soul more and more progressively. For nearly a decade in my past, I know that I know that God has helped me to grow spiritually and thus experience more and more of His abundant life everyday. God allows whether physical infirmities or any other lack in our earthly life to make us depend on Him more and more, and as a result of it overcome those circumstances by faith so that we can grow spiritually and be blessed to be a blessing for eternity ahead! So no trials that come our way can exceed our ability within us to face it through the power of the Holy Spirit and win over it, God always gives grace equal in measure to our trials and gives us temptations that are common to all our brethren around the world, therefore humbly we should receive more and more grace to live victoriously and abundantly on earth as it is heaven
(1 Cor 10:13; 15:10). Patiently by God's grace bear the trials and rejoice by faith that it has come your way to make you grow spiritually as God's child (James 1:2-4). If God does not allow trials, you will be a baby believer forever, thus because of doubt you will be tossed to and fro like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by wind, and will neither please God through your life nor will receive anything good from the Lord God because of double mindedness which will bring instability in your spiritual life (James 1:6-8).

God says that if you do not have wisdom enough because of lack of spiritual maturity to draw and use the grace of God against the problems that comes your way, God has promised to supply it all if you ask God in faith
(James 1:5-6). This is what I did during those times of depression. If I have not learned to overcome negative doubtful feelings by thinking positively with the help of the Spirit and the word of God, today I would not have been in ministry. If you have not read till now, how God helped me through my physical, mental, spiritual, financial and social trials that came my way, please do so in the following link : It will really encourage you to see that God wants us to change our thinking through the word of God and become joyful to fight the devils and win over it. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy all our blessings through our soulish sin nature (John 10:10). Thus only by resisting him and his demonic minions actively by faith in the promises of God and His word, we can make them flee and be free to serve God with our life (James 4:7). To be joyful in the Lord all the time is the very weapon through which the devils can be defeated and God be glorified.

God told the Israelites that He will not drive out all the nations on the Canaan land which were their enemies immediately, lest the animals on the field become too numerous for them to handle, but progressively He had promised that if they keep fighting against them by faith, the Lord will defeat them until they are destroyed completely one day
(Deut 7:22). O what a Promise! In our New Testament times, the same promises works spiritually in our lives (Rom 15:4; 2 Cor 1:20). In other words, God tells us that He will not drive out all the demonic depressive forces in our life which are acting against us as our enemies in the spiritual realm immediately, lest the selfish animalistic prideful nature and all its evils within our soul suddenly become too numerous for us to handle (James 1:14-15; Mark 7:20-23). But He has promised us to give the Canaan land of joyous abundant life little by little increasingly and progressively, so that we may stay humble and balanced in our spiritual life before God and thus stay blessed to be a blessing to many other through serving God loyally in our lives (James 4:5-6; 2 Cor 1:3-4; 9:8). So until you overcome a particular problem in your life, keep fighting by faith and you will win someday because God promised it. Above all while you are fighting, Satan and his demons might want you to become grumpy and throw cripes and tantrums, realize the situation and ask the help of the Holy Spirit to stay calm in such situation by patience. Soon those feelings will run away. Thus learn more and more to rejoice and keep rejoicing always. A fighter always inherits the Canaan life of God, a lazy person will lose his privileges spiritually and will be miserable in life more and more.

Do not worry about anything in life, but in all prayer and perseverance let your supplication be made know to God, and by doing the above, you will be kept away from confusion by the heavenly peace of God that will pass all your natural understanding
(Php 4:6-7). Heavenly angelic hosts of God will guard your mind supernaturally in the peace of God and then you can rejoice for those things in life with a grateful thanking heart of gratitude. God has promised that in the weakness of all your sickness, His power will be manifested and made know to all for His Glory (2 Cor 12:9-10). I will be praying to the Lord to give more grace to you to reign in this life of yours (Rom 5:17, 21), but I believe that you will resist and fight for the glory of God against all oppression's of the evil one. You will win in the end when you are walking by faith in your life, because you are not fighting alone but actually God is fighting with you and all you are doing is that you are cooperating with Him. When you can't walk anymore and that you are slipping down spiritually, you can honestly share those thoughts with the Lord, whether the thoughts are mean or not it does not matter, the Lord is compassionate enough to help you no matter what and make you succeed spiritually and experience abundant life of God on earth as it is in heaven (Heb 4:15-16; Psa 73:2-17; 103:8, 13; 94:18). A best friend is the one who knows all your weakness, yet wishes and supports you to overcome and become successful in life. God can be your best and closest friend if you choose to be honest with him always. He always loves specially all those who are honest with Him and you can be that one!

Don't forget to Rejoice in the Lord always!!!

Much Blessings.... :)


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