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The Sounding Of The Seventh Trumpet Will Bring Christ To Earth Or Not?

Is The Seventh Trumpet The Last Trumpet?

Question : In 1 Corinthians 15:52, Paul indicated that believers will be changed (just prior to the Rapture), in the twinkling of an eye, at the "last trumpet." In Revelation 11:15, John describes the sounding of the "seventh trumpet," which is the last of the trumpets of judgment. It is seen, at this time, that the kingdom of the world will become the kingdom of God and Christ.

Those who believe in a Post-tribulation Rapture see the Paul's last trumpet as being the same as John's seventh trumpet. Thus, we see the Rapture and Jesus' second advent as taking place at the same time. Why do you not see the "last trumpet" of the Rapture and the "seventh trumpet" of Jesus' return to earth as being the same trumpet? If the "last trumpet" is not the same as the "seventh trumpet," then when was the "first trumpet" sounded, and what was it for?

Answer : Greetings in Jesus name! The Rapture of the Church is spoken by Paul in 1 Thess 4:14-18, whereas in 1 Cor 15:50-55 he speaks about the resurrection of all Tribulation saints and Martyrs of all times since creation for their faith who will enter the Kingdom of God along with the Jesus and the Church when he comes to destroy the Antichrist and establish His Millennial rule on earth.

The Rapture flight of the Church will immediately happen any time after the mid-point of the Daniel's Seventieth Week but before the Great Tribulation starts (1 Thess 4:15-17; 5:9; 2 Thess 2:1-2, 3-4, 6-7, 8-12; Matt 24:15-21). If you want more clarity, please do read my article named, "5 Reasons Why First Corinthians Fifteenth Chapter Speaks About Second Coming," and not about the Rapture of the Church.


The first Trumpet will start immediately after the Rapture of the Church will take place within a half an hour of awed silence in heaven (Rev 8:1, 7; Rev 12:13-16). The trumpets are that which will be operated completely through the prophetic words of the two prophets (Rev 11:6; 8:2-13; 9:1-21; 11:14-19). I believe that the seventh trumpet is the last trumpet that Paul described in 1 Cor 15:50-58. Once it has been started by the prophets, the trumpet’s sound will culminate only when Jesus comes back again during His Second Coming to the earth. This is the reason the Bible describes the seventh trumpet as “the days of the sounding [i.e. present continuous period of time, which will culminate at the second coming of Jesus to the earth] of the seventh angel…..”(Rev 10:7). Just when he [the seventh angel] is about to sound, the mystery of God would be finished, as He declared to His servants the Prophets (Rev 10:7).

During the time of the seventh trumpet these bowls of wrath will be poured out because in the bowl judgment the first angel was seen pouring out his bowl upon those who had taken the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image all over the earth and also the Bible shows the fifth angel pouring out his bowl on the throne of the beast which will make him furious to gather an army to fight against God openly (Rev 11:15-19; 15:1-21).

So all the bowl judgments are contained within the last and final Seventh Trumpet and will end when it is over. As for the kingdom of the world, the last and the final kingdom will be that of Antichrist (Dan 2:44; Rev 17:10-12), and once the Seventh Trumpet is commanded and prophesied to be blown by the prophets, already the kingdoms of this world would have become the kingdom of God and Christ according to God. And once the temple is opened in heaven, already the work of God in deposing Antichrist would have begun officially for Jesus to step out and do the final assault against him with the saints of the Church, and so immediately He starts with the first Bowl of the wrath of God and finishes it in fulfillment with the seventh Bowl (Rev 10:15, 16-18, 19; 16:1, 2-21).

Once seventh bowl gets over the sign of the Son of man will happen all over the world before His army could appear in Armageddon and take over the world, this truth is a parallel truth which is also told in the opening of the Sixth seal which is the same time and the same event (Rev 6:12-16; 16:17-21; Matt 24:29-31). The great day of His wrath is Armageddon time which will end with the defeat of the army of all nations under Antichrist, and the bowls of the wrath of God will be over before that with the destruction of the great harlot which is the Vatican coalition at the end of it (Rev 17:1-18; 18:1-24). Thus the Victory over Antichrist will culminate with the kingdom of the world becoming the kingdom of God and Christ. This is the end of the Seventh Trumpet. Hallelujah! GLORY TO GOD!

Much Blessings....


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