Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Heaven Is What Everyone Should Look Forward To...!

How Can People Say That They Prefer Hell?

Question: Heaven is what everyone should look forward, but sadly I have come across those who daringly say that they prefer hell ????? How can these people continue in their lives like this?

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

The power of choice is so powerful, even God Almighty respects the decision even when it means people going to hell. People go to hell not because of lack of hearing the message of salvation, but rather because they choose self and sin, rather than truth and righteousness. Every person who humbles himself as sinner in need of salvation comes to experience God's mercy and grace through Jesus Christ. When I speak with people of other religion, they express a need for forgiveness of sins which no religion provides completely with an eternal gurantee except the relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the only God-man who can bring peace to the heart of the peace-less who experience hell in their lives. Those who continue to reject God's offer of salvation end up making a hell out of where they are until they die one day and end up in hell fire because of rejecting the mercies and graces of God.

God desires all humans to be saved, that is why He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to become a human, die for all sinful humans and then finally rise up as a glorious new man to justify and make all those who believe him to enter heaven. The gospel is so simple, that many stumble because of the simplicity of the good news of Jesus Christ. Yet we know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only message through which all humans can be saved.

Believe and live for the Glory of God, is the unchanging message of God for the past two Millenniums and forever it will be as long as this present earth exists. Not everyone has faith because of glorifying self and depending on themselves and their good works for their own eternal salvation, therefore the great apostle Paul himself the first great emissary of God to all the Gentile world, says,
"pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil people, for not everyone has faith." (2 Thess 3:2). Why Paul should tell all to pray? Because no humans want to be told the truth, that they are sinners and they need Jesus Christ to save them or else they will end up in hell fire. In fact, the ungodly sinner may get angry hearing the truth and may try to kill the emissary of Jesus Christ. Truth hurts, but it heals humans for eternity from the spiritual disease of sin and its cancerous growth.

So it may be some people or nearly the whole world might reject heaven and God's free invitation now, like in the days of Noah when God sent the whole world in to judgment for sin and left just one family of Noah as an example of what will happen to the ungodly sinners at the end of time
(Jude 1:15). If the righteous after being saved find it hard to retain the realization that they are sinners and constantly need to seek God for saving them from sinful self and Satan who influences them to indulge in it, before God steps in to chastise and judge them first now in their lives as they are his loving children and sons and daughters to make them realize how he hates sin, how about ungodly sinners and those who are on the path way of death and hell fire for sure, they are loving it because the disease of sin has spread rapidly in their lives to make them insensitive to the awaiting pain of hell fire (1 Pet 4:18)? The human who loses the gift of pain because of the dreaded disease of leprosy finds himself ready to die because of insensitivity, that is the same which happens to humans who are in advanced stage of spiritual leprosy because of unsaved state of sin enjoying life which causes insensitivity to the reality of hell fire. Make no mistake, it is worth it all for the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross, even if you and I as sinners find our only refuge in Him and love heaven to have it in our heart and then in reality as a place after we leave this present earth.

So the very fact that many love hell fire is a testimony to God's faithfulness of how he respects human will and their choice, to let them choose their own destiny. Hell is not a small matter, once a person ends up in hell, there is no way out for eternity even if they want to repent of sins at that time because of the worms that never dies, fire that never gets quenched, God-less feeling of doom and torment where the Presence of God will be forever be withdrawn out of their lives, and the countless thoughts that will keep coming of how they have rejected while on earth the grace and mercies of God when God gave a lifetime of chances for them to choose heaven and be with Him forever and ever through Jesus Christ. May God help us to share the gospel with prayer, so that all those who come to realize the mercies and grace of God might have eternal life through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

Much Blessings....


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