Sunday, July 1, 2018

God Has Worked All Things For Your Good, Now Enjoy The Elevation

A WORD IN JULY: God Has Commanded Good Things To Happen In Your Life!

By Abraham Israel

July is a month to arise and shine for the Glory of God! Just as the month has started with a Sabbath rest, so will you who have trusted me through your troubles even when it costed you your whole life, name and comfort on the line, you staked it all for My Holy Name, from now on you will experience the supernatural rest of heaven for the rest of your life.

Where man has lifted himself up and made self as lord of his life, it will crumble from now on. The people who have been used by the enemy to come in one deceituful way, will run away in many different ways away from you in fear.

Says the Lord, "My purpose will stand. Even the enemies will become friends and look for peace with you, because I am with you, and they have come to realize My greatness in you and how I am zealous and jealous for My Own. You will live to satisfaction because I live! I AM who sustained you through it all, will sustain you even to the end of your life!"

But for my children who never fully understood what is happening in the spiritual realm for years together and still they chose to trust me, even when they were guarding their heart day and night, and also along with that my flocks were led and guarded by my commanders and generals of my heavenly Kingdom of faith, they tried their best to guard with open eyes in sleeplessness and in reverential fear towards me.

O my children says the Lord, "I knew it all and My eyes were upon you every second," even as the enemy took the fight to the heavenlies to come from behind to devour your soul, then you were taken to a great height and were tossed up high in the air by the enemy who felt jealous of all the blessings which you received day by day from My Hand.

When the enemy of your soul took you to great height in anger, and dropped you from it so that you might be destroyed, invisibly my hands that was never visible to the enemy at that time carried you. You came down in my wings of comfort, and I parachuted you down in to the ground so that you who are the clay vessel of my Glory could survive through the crash landing you experienced and still remain standing.

Even when I have showed you through the trials, what has been happening to you engineered by the enemy of your soul, you were never able to fully understand it because of the great fear and distress that you were going through."   

The Lord says, "I have allowed it all, so that the flesh might be unseated in you and I might be seated not just as a resident in your heart but the president of it forever more. What the enemy has done to destroy your soul, now is the time I am turning around.

You are asking me how is it you are going to do it?

Here is the most precious anointing ointment of the whole heaven, now I am pouring it out upon your soul from the top of your head to the sole of your feet. It is the anointing of restoration and double blessing for all the hardships of the trials you have gone through. BE MADE WHOLE! In my all powerful JESUS NAME!

The seasons of trials have come to an end, now trust me and walk with the dedication and devotion you have learned through the trials and tribulations.

You are my beloved beauty whom I love so much and I am well pleased to rejoice over you for eternity, that is why I allowed all these harships so that you might shine for my Glory all the days of your life. I loved you through it all and will always love you to the end, because I am the end who had begun it all. From now on I decree fruitfulness of great proportion and blessings unlimited.

The height you were in when the enemy of your soul attacked you from behind was a roof top height you were put in by me to keep a watch majestically over all things mine, in your beauty of my glory. But now the restoration anointing of double will beautify you gloriously than ever before, now you will attack the enemy face to face in the very heavenlies he tossed you as orphan, in the same place and even in greater altitude you will attack Satan and his demonic hordes, they will not be able to resist the power and my Glory upon your life! GLORY!

The ANOINTING OF RESTORATION DOUBLE for the trouble, is already upon you. REVEL and THRIVE forth in my GLORY!"


Much Love and Blessings...


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