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Once Saved And Always Saved, And More...!

Questions And Answers Regarding OSAS — Once Saved Always Saved?

Question: When you say, once saved is always saved, what about the phrase "if you continue in the faith" which is in the Bible?

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

The moment we say "if you continue in the faith", to put a conditional clause to our salvation, that same moment that faith becomes a is not real faith of the Bible at least in our understanding which lacks the reality of the Biblical order.

Anything that needs striving on our part is work...everything that God takes care of is rest...Salvation is rest on our part....complete perfect work on God's part.

Question: Did Jesus butter your toast this morning too? You also have obligations and play a part. Yes, only Jesus can create a new spirit and produce new birth. However, the covenant part of salvation is your part in the equation as well as believing, obeying and loving God.

Answer: The covenant is not a conditional covenant as the Old, but an unconditional covenant that conditions the heart of humans by its sheer magnificence. Our part is to believe and let God do His work in us, till the day comes when He will reward us for what we have done for Him. So you need to see the clause in order to differentiate between the Old and the New. Old says "If", "then I will" says God. In the New God says, "I will...I will...I will...just believe!!!" Hallelujah!

Question: You are confusing yourself. God doesn't exist for your pleasure but you exist for His. You were created to love and worship Him. If you don't give Him first place then He will spit thee out. He doesn't need you that badly. Remember, only 8 people were saved through the flood. If you think the apostasy doesn't refer to Christians then you are in error. If you think those who departed from the faith were just worldlings attending church then you are wrong again. If you think the lukewarm were not true Christians then you are wrong a third time. But what if you don't let God do His work in you? Or harden your heart and rebel or fall into willful sin?

Answer: If we don't let God do His work in us or harden our heart and rebel or fall in to willful sin, God will first of all chastise us, if we continue to resist the chastisement of the Lord, he will fail to deal with us as his son but a child
(Heb 12:7), but in that case we are the one who will lose great eternal reward which God has in store for us. God has nothing to lose, except feel sad for our stubbornness of heart which has denied his eternal goodness from us. So near, yet so far from their reward will be the story of many believers in heaven who do not run the race with patience and faith.

Question: The Bible says God will judge His people and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.....That doesn't sound like losing a few rewards to me. Does it to you? You are supposed to fear God. That is what is lacking in the church today. No mention of hell outside and inside the church. Why do you care about sound doctrine if you cannot be lost? What are the damnable heresies Peter warned the church about? Damnable means they will damn you. He wasn't referring to the lost Hindus. God gives you what you choose. If you tread on the blood of Jesus you will go to hottest hell.

Did Jesus butter your toast this morning too? If you take the mark of beast you will go to hell also. God cannot stop you nor will He duct tape your mouth to keep you from denying Him.

Answer: I am not in confusion....but I am asking you to think logical and Biblical for you to grasp sound doctrine which is able to establish you in faith. I agree, God does not exist for our pleasure, but He does exist to share his joy and fellowship with us as sons and not servants who are inferior in every aspect. If we do not love God, his spitting out is not the person but the attitude of us which is good for nothing and is a dead work that carries no reward for us. We live to please God, and his displeasure is the spitting out and not the very person who is his child. God cannot reject himself as we are part of Him, he actually does not reject us no matter what, just like the parent feels bad when a child commits error and that does not make them reject their child forever
(2 Tim 2:13). If God doesn't need a believer that badly, why should He give the life of his only begotten Son to suffer and die to achieve salvation, when he could have easily sent a angel or someone else to do that Job (John 3:16)? Please read the Bible, only 8 people were saved physically from the flood, but the rest of the disobedient who physically died along with unbelievers were preached the Gospel by Jesus after his death and was taken to heaven with Him (1 Peter 3:21; 4:6). This shows that God judges his children now physically in strictness, so that later they might be justified liberally in salvation for eternity because of what Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior has achieved for them (1 Peter 4:17; 1 Cor 11:30-32). The end time apostasy is not Christians becoming unsaved, but the unsaved deluding themselves as saved in deception that will create a apostate church on earth that will not watch and pray regarding the times they will be in, and thus miss the greatest event promised for them by the Lord Jesus which is the rapture of the Church before Tribulation (2 Thess 2:3, 11; Luke 21:36).

You see around us, there are Church that even deny the deity of Christ, and some never speak of holiness, still other want to motivate people to have success in their worldly life, you think such message has the power to save the souls of people from sin? Nay, I say no message can except the message of the Cross in which rests the power of God
(1 Cor 1:18). The lukewarm are warned of Jesus' displeasure in his reply "I will vomit you out of My mouth" (Rev 3:16) because they do not know that they were naked without garments of salvation so that the shame of their nakedness if revealed they will be bound to hell fire later (Isa 61:10; Rev 19:7-8; Matt 22:12-14). So Jesus wants the unsaved to wake up in context on the premise of the physical Church on earth itself, before it becomes too late for them to realize the unsaved condition of their heart which have no way out after their physical death and will never even enter heaven, let alone the reward.

Also it is a fearful thing to fall in to the hands of the Lord, because what happened to the Israelites is a example to the Church, in which many physically died because of their disobedience in the wilderness
(1 Cor 10:6-11; Rom 15:4), yet spiritually their lives were covered by the Lord in perfection without any blemish (Num 23:21). The same will happen to the believers where they will even lose their physical life by the judgment of the Lord, Is it not terrifying to die physically because of God's judgment (1 Cor 11:30; Acts 5:1-11)? Do not speak lightly of eternal reward, you must understand as apostle Paul expressed that if we were to hope for prosperity and reward for our spirituality in this life alone, we of all people on earth the most pitiable, why because most of the believers are rich in faith but poor financially and socially in this earthly life (1 Cor 15:19; 1:26-28; Jam 2:5). So we must understand that the eternal reward for a Christian is the most important motivation for good works and holy life when he lives on earth.

Fear of God is a treasure for every child of God, if they do not value it they will miss the greatness of its blessing on earth and also in heaven
(Isa 33:6; Mark 10:29-31). Jesus is the greatest example of the person who got favored by God because of his godly fear, should not we follow him to have that same favor over our lives too or miss it for chastisement from God or even face terror of God's judgment physically to miss eternal rewards along with it (Heb 5:7)? We are in the times of falling away as you already agree, so we must be equipped with sound doctrine to overcome the deception that is upon the Church by the will of God. Yes those damnable heresies includes salvation by works, salvation by faith and maintenance of it by works, denial of Christ's deity, prosperity health and wealth gospel, successful life on earth, etc....can you deny even one of those described that they are not rampantly spreading within the Church? 

When a person is without defense from the Bible, immediately the sons of Adam start throwing accusation against the one who convicts or speaks about ignorance of the Biblical order? So you are showing that character as all at the end. May God open your eyes to the realities of heaven and keep you safe from deception of the end time. Do not be too religious, but be spiritual whether you are in America or any other nations of the world, the Bible remains the same. If we obey the Gospel through living a life of faith, we will be rewarded or else we will be damned.

Question: You understand them incorrectly. Now, go and ask God before you are cast into hottest hell.

Answer: You yourself prove, that going to hell is by work...and not by faith which takes to heaven those who trust the promises of God

Incorrect understanding of salvation doctrine does not take us to hell fire, but lack of repentance will
(2 Cor 7:10).

Many simple believers with lack of education who have not even know the Bible or know how to read the Bible, by hearing the good news of Jesus Christ proclaimed through God's messenger and other friendly believers, have humbled themselves and repented of their sins to be in heaven today. But great theologians and priests who were intellectuals without repentance have ended up in hell fire.

You are referring and asking me to go to the God of the Bible who is pleased only by faith or the god of works that Christian religion promotes
(Heb 11:6)?

I deserve hottest hell for all my works, that is why God assured me the beautiful heaven by faith
(John 11:25-26)!

Hallelujah! GLORY TO GOD!

Question: The Bible tells us in Revelation 2 that the saints lost their first love and in Revelation 3 that the saints became lukewarm. It is then possible for saints to sin willfully, become lukewarm or even cold. This is referring to Christians and not worldlings. Jesus wont let you go unless you let Him go through willful sin.

Answer: If we are kept by works, no humans can ever be able to keep the salvation because none of us deserve to be in heaven by our works which are like filthy rags before God
(Isa 64:6). We deserve hell fire, and because of having no hope for salvation, Jesus stepped in and saved us by HIS WORKS which COMPLETED OUR SALVATION. SO we are not saved by good works, but are saved for good works which gets rewarded for us if we do it with pure motive for the GLORY OF GOD! A person is either saved for eternity or not saved for eternity. There are no middle ground for any human to stand on. Sin brings eternal death, Jesus gives eternal life to those who believe Him. Defeated Christian is called to be victorious, but when the flesh prevails God chastens a disobedient believer and expresses his displeasure to make the believer walk in faith again. Any believer who is born again can be certain about where He will go if he were to die anytime, because the Spirit of God gives assurance if a person is saved (1 John 3:24). But a ungodly life will bring fear and make a person lose that confidence to make him expect judgment instead of reward from God. That is why a repentant lifestyle is a fitting tribute to what Jesus Christ has already done for a believer to qualify him to enter heaven and bring Glory to God. Regret will be the lyrics of the song for every unfaithful and un-thankful believer, who will let go of this opportunity given by God to live a grateful life towards Him on earth which God exchanges for a eternal reward, which is expected by God for all the good things He has done for each believer and guaranteed eternal reward for each who live with the pure motive of bringing Glory of God. God is not desperate to save the righteous who think that they need no salvation freely because of being able to work it out by their own strength. But God as the soul doctor of humans is desperate to save the sick who know for sure that they are sin sick and lost and need the Savior Jesus to save them from it, and have no other way to get saved. Only in Christ, only through faith, only by grace and never by works. If it is of works even for .00001%, then it is not of grace which is a pure 100% gift of God for the salvation of sinful lost and hopeless. So either it is completely by faith or by works, there are no in-between in salvation.

Question: You still didn't answer my question. Are YOU CERTAIN that You will be in Heaven if you should die?

Answer: Yes by the grace of Jesus! Only a person living a holy life or a honest life before God can be certain that they will be in heaven even if they were to die immediately
(2 Cor 5:8).

Question: Once Saved is established throughout our Life, if we are not turning back to our Old Sins against the will of God. Is that completely true?

Answer: If we turn back to our old sins knowingly and in rebellion against our Father, there is no more offering available for us to cover and cleanse us from our sins and we like the Prodigal son will lose the fellowship of God's Presence and will get lost from it. I mean we cannot get unsaved because we did not save ourselves, but God saved us and is able to keep us saved. God is not man to promise salvation and then change his mind as though God did not know what kind of worst sinners we are or will be, and that he is caught by surprise. God knew that we are useless sinners who need His Presence and will need His fellowship to find meaning in our life. God cannot change and His promise cannot change. God promised to save us and He is faithful to save us to the end. But knowingly if we sin, we will be chastised and corrected by God because we are His child. But if we continue to love sin and not hate it for years together even after God has chastised us, then there comes a time when without repentance in our life, we will come to expect a fearful judgment in the time to come because of losing our assurance within our heart which the Holy Spirit would have spoken in the past regarding our salvation. This is the judgment of the Lord and so we will come to lose our eternal reward too along with the peace and joy that should have been ours in abundance if we would have chosen to walk in obedience and in the will of God. Even though a believer will be physically judged for his sins, he will be spiritually saved for eternity and from the condemnation of hell fire because of what Jesus has done for him, yet as through fire all his works will tested and then rewarded which will remain for eternity with the person who will receive it in heaven
(1 Cor 3:15; Rom 8:1).

I mean a believer who lives carelessly in sin, should check whether he is really saved or he should decide to be ready to receive the chastisement from the Lord which in extreme may be lack of fellowship with God due to lack of repentance or even physical death. When we are not able to receive a repentant heart to turn back to God from sin, that in itself is a judgment from God that will make the believer to be miserable for the rest of his life on earth without peace and joy and righteousness
(Rom 14:17). Repentance is a gift of God that leads to life when received, or lack of it will lead to death which is a separation from God temporally which will make the believer miserable without the Presence of God and will not lead to eternal separation from God like the unsaved (2 Tim 2:25-26; 2 Cor 7:10).

When a person chooses to sin, backslide and give up faith, he should check himself whether he really had a saving faith or just a religious soulish fervor in his unsaved condition that withered away due to unfavorable situations
(1 John 2:19; 2 Cor 13:5-6). God's plan for such a person is to repent and believe the Gospel to get saved. Hallelujah!   

Much Blessings....


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