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Did Judas Have The Ability To Save Himself?

Was Judas Chosen By God To Go To Hell Fire?

Question: Judas was chosen to destruction. He cannot transform by himself. Is that right?

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

Judas chose destruction and he filled in the blanks of the prophetic Scripture because of his own heart condition in allowing Satan to influence him and not allow Jesus to save him. He cannot transform himself and likewise no human can transform themselves except God, but before that he was not saved at all. Only those saved can be transformed through sanctification. Just because God knows the future does not mean he involves himself in influencing the decision of those who get saved or remain unsaved, it shows one thing to us that God is never surprised with the changing nature of man because of his omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience. In spite of knowing that humans with their sin nature were his enemies, he chose to save us from our sin and condemnation because of his love for us. God's benevolence and man's choice are two great power houses on earth. Satan plays in the middle claiming God's benevolence as his, and overpowering man's will through sin which gives him the legal access to control his life
(Rom 8:16). Satan influences man's choice by influencing with his thoughts and wishes to keep humans in control to sadistically take them along with him to hell fire which was planned originally by God for him and his fallen angels. The only way to escape from this clutches of Satan's darkness of sin is to get saved by believing in Jesus Christ, who saves us from sin to give eternal life because of God's love towards us (John 3:16).

In other words, Judas was not forced by divine hand to become a part of eternal hell fire. In fact, if it were so why should Jesus waste a training slot by giving Judas a chance in his apostolic training school as one of the twelve. Satan chose Judas because there was a big welcome place for him in Judas's un-regenerated heart which was covetous enough to even sell Jesus the Master teacher who did no bad thing but only good thing all his life to him. If Judas did not have the ability to choose salvation and deny himself hell fire, then God becomes a unjust and partial God to choose some for heaven and reject others to go to hell fire. But we know God is just and justifier of those who believe in Him as the Bible says
(Rom 3:26). So Judas chose to remain unsaved in spite of hearing Jesus, living with him for nearly three and half years, doing ministry in his authority to drive demons and do miracles in his name, even after preaching the gospel and saving others, and being trained for apostleship. Volition is the most powerful gift God has given to humans to use, but he has not given humans the power to deny the result of the decision they have taken to deny or accept salvation. In other words, humans have the power to choose heaven or hell while they are alive, but the consequence of their own choice they have no power to change once they die and go to heaven where they will be justified by their faith if they are saved or in hell they will be condemned by their works if they were not saved.     

The very reason Judas was born as a human on earth was a opportunity given by God for him to get saved, that is why Jesus said, it is better for that man who will betray him if he had not been born because it would have been a wasted opportunity for getting saved
(Matt 26:24; Mark 14:21). It is very much wrong to judge by our unbelief the good God with our own small minded understanding, instead of building our faith by who he is by what He has said about Himself through His Word the Bible. So let us judge God as right, as the Scripture says, "Even if every human is a proved a liar including us as the Bible says, but when we learn to judge God to be good always through His Word, as we continue to believe the truth that God is always faithful and true, there will come a time when we will be proved right by our faith in what we say, and we will win our case in the court of heaven because Jesus has died to justify us the ungodly which is the truth that saves us." (Rom 3:4, Paraphrased). Hallelujah! A person who despises salvation and goes to hell fire, will be a miserable person for eternity because of the wasted opportunity. If they had not been born, someone else would have used that opportunity to enter heaven and enjoy the rest of eternity with God in heaven. 

Much Blessings....


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