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Is It Biblically Acceptable To Masturbate Within Marriage?

What If Masturbation Is Done During The Sex Act Between A Husband And Wife?

Question: You didn't say much about the marriage bed. What if masturbation is done during the sex act between a husband and wife? As the wife, I may not have that release without.

It is an embarrassing question for me.

Answer: Greetings to you in Jesus wonderful name!

Regarding the marriage bed, the apostolic writer to the Hebrews said,
"Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." (Heb 13:4). In general it is not only Christians, but around the world in various religions of the world they see marriage as honorable because it is indeed a direct institution of God which has been set in to motion in the Garden of Eden where He conducted the first marriage on the brand new man and woman, out of the blue print of heaven which was fulfilled on earth (Gen 2:20-25).

The very basis of a marriage that is honorable is based on a one man and one woman relationship within it. In today's world where LGBT relationship is atloose everywhere in the world being promoted by the goverments of the world which is leading people in to lawlessness and deterioration of character
(2 Tim 3:1-5), still commonly a good faithful family of one wife for life families that stand united are the happiest ones that bring good God's childrens of blessing to the society and peaceful homes that experience heaven on earth.

Marriage goes beyond religion, that when God finds a faithful husband and a wife who love each other, he blesses them specially for their fidelity to each other. Seeing such a blessed family is envied everywhere in all the nations where humans live. God expects a marriage bed to stay undefiled. In other words, God does't want any human to be unfaithful to the one man and one woman relationship within it. The faithfulness expected by God within marriage is not only physical but even to a emotional and spiritual level where God wants the husband and wife to dwell in oneness in spirit, soul and body and in every area of life and living
(Gen 2:24). The oneness in spirituality will be achieved fully only when both the husband and wife will stay faithful even in their thought life of their soul, which is very important for God to bless marriages more and more spiritually (Matt 5:27-30). In other words, when the husband become glued to the wife in God, there comes a oneness spiritually which will transform the way they know each other intimately and help them enjoy intimacy in God. When love rules in marriage, lust has no place to be entertained within.

Lust is when one puts their own self higher than the needs of the other one to receive rather than to give. God never blesses lust because it is sinful and will destroy peace within homes. Lust promotes infidelity within marriage.

I understand that for a man there is a orgasmic release that comes much before than for a woman. As the relatioship that God encourages within marriage primarily to give pleasure and then get pleasure through it within marriage
(1 Cor 7:4), it is good for the husband to practice foreplay enough and not just go in to intercourse immediately. When as a wife you are able to experience orgasm, then it will be time for you to encourage your husband to initiate intercourse so that he would also be in ectasy as well as you when orgasm hits him at the right time, where both of you will experience great joy and happiness.

Yes, you are free to initiate masturbation for your spouse and not for yourself, in the same way your husband can initiate masturbation for you and not for himself during times of intimacy. So love even in sex within marriage is of a giving nature, and through self-giving sacrificial love practiced through it, it always receives back the love and affection due to each other
(1 Cor 7:3). Even you can always go a step further in intimacy to express your self-sacrificing love for your spouse using fellatio which is oral or hand stimulation of your husband's penis (Sos 2:3), as well as receive cunnilingus from your husband which is the stimulation of the female genitals using the tongue or lips or hand (Sos 5:1). Also you both can spice up the intimacy of your love through many other different innovative ways which is acceptable to your spouse which he likes. Communication between spouses is very important to increase in oneness more and more especially in the sexual area within marriage to work. You should also discuss your fears and what you do not like, so that your husband can walk in an understanding way and vice-versa. You should never feel embarrased to discuss these imporant areas of your married sex life and your preferences and needs within it, and understand his preferance above all so that you can give first and also get satisfied in your relationship with one another. Praise the Lord!

Finally, adultery and any infidelity to one's spouse by visiting a prostitute or a girlfriend or a mistress to fulfill their own lust, fantasy or fetish outside of the boundary of marriage is being seen as a serious offence and sin against one self and their marriage by God. He who whoremongers with a prostitute divides his own soul life in to pieces, which is a sin against one's own body of oneness in marriage
(1 Cor 6:16, 18). God will judge all who will defile the loving family life with lust and infidelity because it is His institution.

I hope I have addressed the exact area you wanted me to speak. May God bless your marriage greatly and help you both to stay in supernatural oneness in all areas of your married life.

Much Blessings....


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