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Why Jesus Taught Us To Pray For God's Will To Be Done On Earth, Which Makes Us Think Who Rules The Earth Now?

Who Is Ruling This Earth Now, Is It Humans, Satan or God?

Question: Who is ruling this earth, is it humans, Satan or God? If God word claims that He does whatever pleases him Psa 135:6 in all the Universe, then why did Jesus teach us to pray to God the Father, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."?

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

Humans cannot rule the earth without God, God will not rule the earth without humans. God sovereignly already rules the whole earth and the entire universe from the outside-in
(Dan 4:34-37), but spiritually He was able to rule humans from inside out only when the Kingdom of God invaded the earth realm through Jesus Christ, through whom the whole people of God were able to choose voluntarily to pray the "Kingdom of God" to rule their lives on earth as it is in heaven (Matt 6:9-15). We should not mix both the aspect and get confused about God's rule on earth. Now the Kingdom of God is God's rulership within us through which God rules the environment around us in which we live, thus making us the salt and light of the Lord in this world of darkness (Matt 5:13-16; Luke 17:21).

Where does the angels stand in this scenario?

Two third of the good angels are still obedient to God since the beginning of time, and one third of the angels have rebelled along with Satan to form a rebellious kingdom of darkness which promotes nothing but only lies and deceit to show two faces to everyone
(Rev 12:4; John 8:44). Satan's Kingdom operates by deceit towards humans and God as a intermediary, but he cannot boast about any power apart from God which he knows very well (Heb 2:5).

Why has God allowed this liar and deceiver to have free reign to influence humans and boast before humans a dark Kingdom which He even boasted before Jesus Christ the first sinless man on earth who regained the authority on earth which Adam lost to this insidious being called Satan 'the rebel and deceiver and tempter'
(Matt 4:8-9; Luke 4:6-7)?

God has allowed the evil fallen angels to rule through unsaved people on earth who were in rebellion to his Kingdom ways, and thus He recruited a people of faith from that day when Cain killed Abel, thus Seth through to Father Abraham were all appointed for a New Creation, and God through Him seperated a nation of the people of God physically from the outside-in through the circumcision and the Law of Moses. And through them He brought the one and only Messiah of the whole world who became the perfect, apointed and accepted Mediator between God and man who is Jesus Christ, as this happened nearly two thousand years earlier
(Luke 1:68-72; 1 Tim 2:3-6). And now for the next 2000 years through Him God has been recruiting Kingdom citizens to colonize and inhabit the New Heaven and New Earth of which we are part of that glorious plan to fullfill God's purpose (2 Cor 5:17-19). Hallelujah!

So the bottomline is, God has set a time for the angelic deceit to be used for His purpose and it is nearing the end for the beginning of the New Era of the New Heaven and New Earth towards which the Church is going and looking forward to day by day through their lifestyle and sacrifice and prayer and watchfulness
(Mark 1:24; Matt 8:29; Rev 3:10-11; Luke 21:36).

So the Kingdom of darkness can boast through lies and deceit among humans who are willing to be deceived by its lies, but not before God who still rules the universe sovereignly under which these insidious and sadistic spirits deceitfully operates
(Rom 6:12; 2 Cor 4:4). I mean Satan will do one thing on earth and will speak something else before God about the people whom they are watching over and ruling deceitfully, to get power on their behalf from God and use it to build their own kingdom of darkness (Job 1:6-12, 13-19; 2:1-7).

Satan knows that his time is up, that is why evil like the water of the seas is rising up so fast after the year 2000 A.D. to the present time to fill the world in immorality like never before just in one generation of ours
(Rev 12:12). Like in the days of Noah, because the wickedness of humans have become great in this earth through every intent of the thoughts of his heart becoming more and more evil and only evil like never before resulting in violence and more brutal violence, the time of judgment for this world has come and that the wrath of God is ready to be unloosed in our generation (Gen 5:5-6, 11-12, 13; Luke 17:26-30). God has no one to compete with, He rules the whole universe under His authority. He has a clear cut PLAN and BLUE PRINT in heaven, according to which the whole world is MOVING TOWARDS DAY BY DAY. He is never taken by surprise. We humans are the real target of His love for which He bears mercifully and kindly all the abuses of Satan and his evil workers knowingly even to the extent of giving himself for us through His only begotten Son JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savior (Rom 8:31-32; 2 Peter 3:7-9, 15-16, 17; 2 Cor 11:14-15).

Let us look forward with rapturous excitement towards the New Heaven and New Earth and choose to live a God fearing and a holy life in this perverse generation of ours which is ready for the Wrath of God to be set loose over the entire earth, of which God has promised to rescue us and all the Church saints in all the world out of it and glorify Himself through it all. GLORY TO GOD!

Yes the Word of God thunders saying,
"Whatever the LORD pleases He does, in heaven and in earth, in the seas and in all deep places." (Psa 135:6). This does mean that, God's blueprint that has been planned in eternity past will only be surely executed now and forever both in the present and also in the future eternity ahead. God is never taken by surprise because History is HIS-STORY! The future that God has spoken about is as sure as the past and the present because in His sovereignty God is the director of the whole program of the entire universe, and that includes the angels in heaven and also the humans on earth. A Director has a story in which the actors voluntarily is invited to take part, but among its midst a rebel with a seperate story of his own promises greater reward and invites angels to form a seperate kingdom and he deceitfully recruits for his own kingdom against the will of the owner, and in reply to him the owner director lets him continue until his legal timeline appointed get over, in the midst of it the Director of the story then bring in his own only begotten Son and recruit a seperate group of people to join in voluntarily as actors and run his purpose on earth and continue his will for the entire creation. Now humans decide which side they want to be, either on God's side or the other side by rejecting God's call for holiness.

Satan can work against God only deceitfully by influencing humans whom God loves by swaying them to do his own will through influencing them by the sin nature within, and not openly in rebellion because he does not have the power to withstand Him even for a fraction of second. Jesus taught us to pray to the Father, 'Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,' which indicates that man has a will influenced by sin nature naturally through which he can reject God's will, or can submit voluntarily as Jesus taught to God's rulership and authority by rejecting the sin nature to do God's will and ask God to lead him to do His will for him and his family on earth as God has written and foreordained in his original purpose for him in heaven. So humans who are saved to inherit God's nature now on earth remains the cynosure of all angels in heaven because they become one with God in their spirit
(1 Peter 1:12; 1 Cor 6:17). Like a cat that rejects and jumps out itself from getting stuck in the gutter and cleans itself, the believer chooses to jump out and ask God to cleanse him from getting stuck in the gutter of sin that He hates, but a unsaved person's sin nature guides him into it like that of a pig's nature that loves to roll in to the gutter of sin and all filth of the flesh. Thus asking God personally to help them fulfill His will for their lives on earth doesn't dispute the Sovereign rulership of God which is there already over all the earth without human participation in it, instead it reinforces it and accepts that in the personal life of people they can willingly by their own choice choose to follow God's way of rejecting their own will and carry their own cross to follow God's will in the path of God their Savior Jesus Christ (Matt 11:28-30; Luke 9:23-26).

God is the greatest gentleman who never forces his will upon people, no matter what. He has not created robots, but humans in his image who have the capacity to choose the right and reject the wrong or atleast ask His help to overcome the wrong they do powerlessly as a slave of sin
(Gen 4:7; John 8:34). Even people who go to hell, go there because God respect's their choice to let them live their desire, (i.e.) without God and his goodness which cannot be seperated, as many deceived people will only come to realize later in hell that God and his goodness cannot be seperated unlike on earth where they have enjoyed it freely, inspite of them being either good or bad (Matt 5:45, 48; 1 Tim 6:17).

So we should never mix God's sovereign rulership over the earth with the personal rulership of God over humans through which He is able to subdue all rebellion on earth
(Php 3:21). Thus mixing two different things and confusing both these corporate and personal rulership of God together to get confused should be avoided.

Satan's kingdom of darkness is pseudo rulership which is allowed by God in his permissive will and not perfect will until the judgment comes where all angles will be judged by the saints before the White throne final judgment of all humankind, where justice will take place once and for all time
(1 Cor 6:2-3; Rev 20:10-11). Satan and his demons biggest fear is not power but hearing the truth that Jesus has revealed that they are all sham who deceitfully live on other humans property and prosperity because of their ignorance, and the demonic realm is increasingly upset and angry because more people are choosing God and His ways to get saved through Jesus Christ and live forever with God in this 21st Century generation of ours, and so he is swaying the masses in to great deceit in these end of the end times because they know that their time is going to end in a few years or maximum decades in our generation (Rev 12:12).


Now Jesus Christ who had become a Mediator between God and humans have started to rule the new creation of God from within the people of God to influence the earth and recruit more people in to the Kingdom of God to colonize the New Earth and New Heaven, from which the Kingdom of God will inceasingly rule the present earth more than ever before forever and ever, and all rebellion will be subdued on this present earth through them. GLORY TO GOD!

Much Blessings....


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