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What Are The Demonic Doctrines Of The Latter Times?

Memphis Meats Or Creation Meats? LGBT = No Marriage and Be Happy, Or Choose A Holy Marriage?

"1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, 2 speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, 3 forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. 4 For every creature of God [i.e. Non-Vegetarian meat] is good, and nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving; 5 for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer." (1 Tim 4:1-5)

The article heading that I have given for this article may not be fully understandable until I tell you fully of it. Cause we have not heard about these terms which we are going to hear a lot of it in these end of end times.

The world has started with a tail spin through Corona virus to fit itself in to Daniel's 70th week. A week in the Scripture points to 7 years. So 70th week in itself is just seven years of today's timeline.

The above Scripture written by apostle Paul prophetically and apostolically was to a particular generation which would live in a time called
"latter times" of the end, meaning, near or comparatively near to the end: the latter part of the last days which started 2000 years ago, here latter part of the second millienium and the beginning of a new 3rd millenium to be accurate.

So the above Scriptures are written to us as a generation who are living very very near to the end, and seeing what has been happening in the world through the secular news, I find the very Scriptures of the Bible coming alive and out of 'the Book' day by day. Jesus also spoke many many prophecies to this very generation, which He told will get fulfilled before this generation ends
(Matt 24:34).

This generation that is alive and well, is unlike all other previous generations that had lived in the past because the prophecies are going to happen as like a video that will be in fast forward motion towards the very end where the frames after frames rush towards the end point, where we want to stop it but then we get surprised that we have hit the end. The times we are living is similar to what I have told, we are in a fast>>forward motion for our generation that is going to hit the end without even we realizing it.

So What Is Memphis Meats?

Memphis Meats’ says that it's mission is to bring delicious, healthy meat to your table by harvesting it from cells instead of animals. We call it cell-based meat, and our goal is to transform how food gets to the plate, while continuing to eat what we love. Same great taste, better for the planet. Because it is brewed in laboratry, it is also called clean meat.

Then, What Is Creation Meats?

Creation in itself means the creating of the universe, especially when regarded as an act of God. Initially when humans were created, they were innocent without sin and when they were tested by God in the garden of Eden to be proved for faith, they failed and sin came in to existence in to this earth.

In God's original intention for humans was to keep them to be a vegetarians, to make them eat fruits, vegetables, plants, spinach, leaves, herbs and flowers 
(Gen 1:29). Even for the animals, birds, and every things that creeps on the earth were given "every green herb" for food, they were made to be Vegetarians too.

But when sin came in to the earth through our forefather Adam who disobeyed God
(Rom 5:12), death came in to existence and therefore because of the curse upon the earth (Gen 3:17-19), all the humans as well as the animals, birds and everthing that creeps were not able to have enough of the fruits, green herbs and vegetation for the survival.

Thus when sin multiplied and grieved God and brought a flood on the earth which destroyed the whole wide word except Noah's family and the animals and birds that were in the Ark. Once they all came out, God subject the animals, birds and creeping things to become wild and also gave them in to the hands of humans to eat inorder they might have enough food on earth
(Gen 9:1-4). Thus humans became Non-vegetarians only after the flood.

Thus bulls, goats and chickens became the domesticated food for man to eat
(Heb 9:13; Matt 26:34). These are the ones which I call as the Creation Meats, which God created for every human to get high protein and live healthily on earth in a temporary way, as they are led to take the eternal decision to accept eternal life of God and live eternally.

So How Does It Realate To Humans In Our Generation You May Ask?

According to the above Scripture we have seen, there is a insidious work of the Anti-christ spirit that is making marrying and getting children on earth as dangerous because of population explosion for which works are going on to reduce the population of the earth, and also speculate the idea of animal cruelty which has led the world now to the extreme idea of banning farmers livestocks and make it unsustainable to produce and see profit. This is the against the idea of the fallen world, but as Satan wants to replicate the new world of God through his 666 as against the will of God in the Millenium which He has already marked for humanity, Satan and his demons spirits are bringing these demonic doctrines to the forefront through enterpreneurs of the top 50 richest billionaires of the world of whom many are living in USA.

Bill Gates Has Been On The Forefront For Both Population Reduction And Also For Memphis Meat

Bill Gates has invested in lab-grown meat companies, as has Richard Branson. “Raising meat takes a great deal of land and water and has a substantial environmental impact,” Gates wrote on his personal blog,, a few years ago. “Put simply, there’s no way to produce enough meat for 9 billion people. Yet we can’t ask everyone to become vegetarians. That’s why we need more options for producing meat without depleting our resources.”

Both Tyson Foods and Cargill have invested in clean-meat company Memphis Meats, alongside billionaires Gates and Branson.

Here is how clean meat is made? Clean meat requires a biopsy from an animal. Scientists can then grow the muscle cells and develop them in a lab the same way the cells would grow on a living organism. To grow clean meat requires what companies call “growth media,” a mixture of sugars, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Verstrate compares it to baby food. Clean meat will grow in factories that will resemble a sort of meat brewery. Clean meat will not require the land, water or crops of traditional meat production.

Gates, an abortion supporter and population control advocate, has spoken about using vaccines in the past to reduce the world’s population.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said life after COVID-19 will not be the same “for some time,” or at least until the population is “widely vaccinated.”

In a lengthy interview with CBS This Morning, released on April 2 2020, Gates predicted that people’s fear of large public gatherings would be closer to normal “once we have the vaccination,” possibly 18 months.

In order to have billions of doses of the vaccine ready to go as soon as possible, Gates proposed to build factories mass-producing each of the potential vaccines while testing is being done. Gates said, though there are currently “seven or more” potential vaccines that look promising to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, in the end, “only probably two of the vaccines will be the ones we go ahead with,” he admitted, pointing to the enormous risks involved in making his plan a reality.

According to Gates, “there’s a lot of dialog between our foundation experts and the government,” about opening up life to normal activities after the pandemic is under control.

“Because people can travel freely across state lines, so can the virus. The country’s leaders need to be clear: Shutdown anywhere means shutdown everywhere. Until the case numbers start to go down across America – which could take 10 weeks or more – no one can continue business as usual or relax the shutdown,” Gates stated.

Many people around the world worry that whatever coronavirus vaccination is developed will become mandatory, overriding any objections based on parental rights, health reasons, or religious concerns.

Global Tracking System Getting In To Place

We know that ID2020 and vaccines being used together to harvest the biometric identities of all mankind in the coming days for bring a so called end to COVID-19 are infact are making way like never before for a global system of tracking and control that was foretold in the book of Revelation
(Rev 13:16-17).

If what Bill Gates has been saying and trying to implement is true with a intention to bring back peace in this chaotic world since COVID-19 of December 2019 onwards in to the sorrows of 2020, then a global digital identification system for every person on Earth is not far away but within few months or maximum of a couple of years ahead.

If at other times like before Corona virus, people will deny to be micro-chipped or even vaccinated, but with no other way to go ahead, even all nations are coming together and want a vaccine desperately to come out of this catastrophic pandemic which has caused immense economic mayhem and famines of food shortages and breaking of supply chains between nations with no way to export or import products.

People are becoming so desperate in every nation that they are saying, 'it is better to die in liberty than live in the prison of lockdown.' People who are desperate and hopeless and angry and hungry and are ready to die, are those who can easily come to accept such a vaccination scheme even if there is a general concern about parental rights, health reasons, or religious concerns or whatever can of worms it can bring along with it.

The world is waiting for this mysterious and yet most expected vaccine to come with a bated breath, and an enigmatic fear of what is going to come through it all to the world.

In the China cellphone model of tracking and identification and transaction, already the world has come to know what can happen when people use cellphone for all transaction and identification, and then oneday they die because of a pandemic like Corona Virus, they will no more be able to be tracked except take those cellphones to heap up in a pile in hospitals and others place like a mole hill here and there, where the government can no more be assured of what has happened to a person after they have stopped using it due to ill health or accident or theft. So only a internal body indentification or a silicon tatoo mark on the surface of the body of humans can suffice for a birth to grave identification system, this has already been going on in trial basis and its implementation is taking place in Bangladesh where inserting digital IDs in the bodies of newborn babies along with their vaccinations is in progress. 

And Bill Gates is now talking about how the so-called “quantum dot tattoos” is the next wave of biometrics identification, also to be inserted in people’s bodies through vaccination. Gates has praised the more extreme disease-surveillance measures taken by South Korea as a model for future pandemic preparedness. South Korea has had considerable success in limiting deaths from COVID-19 thanks in large part to aggressive “contact tracing,” described in an April 2020 report by the Brookings Institute. Nearly all South Korean citizens have smartphones and use credit cards, so when someone tests positive, the government can trace where they have been, at what time, and what mode of transportation they used. But extreme surveilence through cellphone is not absolutely 100 percentage successful as it is an arduous process, but the South Korean government has maintained the ability to trace and contact potentially infected persons atleast for now successfully.

What Is Quantum Dot 'Tattoo', How Could It Be Used to ID Vaccinate?

People overseeing worldwide vaccination initiatives in all countries, keeping track of who had which vaccination and when can be a tough task, so MIT researchers in USA, created an ink that can be safely embedded in the skin alongside the vaccine itself, and it's only visible using a special smartphone camera app and filter.

In other words, they've found a covert way to embed the record of a vaccination directly in a patient's skin rather than documenting it electronically or on paper - and their low-risk tracking system could greatly simplify the process of maintaining accurate vaccine records, especially on a larger scale.

This brings us to the very 'Mark of the beast' right from the Book of Revelation in the Bible before us, where two Milleniums ago itself the same kind of mark was spoken about by the apostle Prophet named John who was one among the 12 apostles of the Lamb
(Rev 13:16-18).

This very mark of a Quantum Dot 'Tattoo', is the first step the world is taking to the reality of the worldwide control, and Corona virus is the route to achieve and put the beast system in to place knowingly or even unknowingly to the people of the world.

The invisible "tattoo" accompanying the vaccine is a pattern made up of minuscule quantum dots - tiny semiconducting crystals that reflect light - that glows under infrared light. The pattern - and vaccine - gets delivered into the skin using hi-tech dissolvable microneedles made of a mixture of polymers and sugar.

Already it has been tested with mice and is successful with the patterns that were still detectable nine months after injection, in human cadaver skin models, the patterns outlasted five years of simulated Sun exposure.

MIT professor and senior author Robert Langer said in the statement, "It's possible someday that this 'invisible' approach could create new possibilities for data storage, biosensing, and vaccine applications that could improve how medical care is provided, particularly in the developing world."

What Is The Bottom Line About The Whole Story In Relation To The End Of The World?

The mark of the beast has to do with the internet of things (IOT), artificial intelligence (AI), the New World Order (NWO), ID2020, 5G connections which will be soon upgarded soon to become 6G Beast System and the more...

The number of a man who takes control of 6G one world order to make it become the number of the beast
(Rev 13:18), will be the one who will take control of the worldwideweb to make it become a global tracking surveillence system to control the economic system of the world, and convince enough all nations of the world of people to accept his new system of governance through a mark received on their right hand or on their foreheads to control them whether they are rich, poor, free or slave will be the one and only Antichrist 
(Rev 13:17, 16).

The 666 world of Antichrist will be a deceptive duplicate of the kind of global government that God wants to bring through Jesus Christ as the only solution to all the woes and troubles and sorrows of the world for a thousand years time.

The Satanic Trinity that the Anti-Christ wants to project as an alternative choice to the Christianities Trinity will be Satan himself as the father
(John 8:44), and Antichrist himself as the son of Satan (John 5:43), and the false prophet who will work along with both of the above persons will be likened to the Holy Spirit (Rev 16:13; 19:20; 20:1-3, 7-10). The end of Satanic Trinity will be without doubt in hell fire where all the three will spend their life ahead in torment for their rebellion and sins as it was made for them (Matt 25:41, 46).

The bottom line about the whole story that I want to convey is about mainly regarding the anti-christ beast system when put in place will try to interefere in each life of each individual person on the planet earth,
"forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from [Non-Vegetarian] foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth". We come to know about the anti-christ agenda of the latter days already happening before our very eyes being staged by those "speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron" by the spirit of Antichrist which is at loose in every area of the Globalist agenda against the Nationalist of our times which is in the will of God (1 John 4:3).

Know one thing for sure, the lesbianism and homosexuality is promoted vociferously by the spirit of Antichrist now because it comes inline with Satan's will and agenda for the end of end times regarding their demonic doctrine against marriage. By promoting against consumption of CREATION MEATS which are in the will of God, the demonic doctrines of CLEAN MEATS or MEMPHIS MEATS will be forced upon people very soon in the Antichrist agenda of lies to control the world.

The attack against both the institution of marriage and the farmers of the nations of the world will be very severe, so that the control over the world by plucking both the religious rights to marry and civil rights of the right to live in freedom through choosing to eat what we want will be taken away completely and will be kept in the hands of the Globalist to make the world come under the one world government.

Today all the globalist are none other than the richest 500 of the corporates as well as the individuals who founded them like Bill Gates who is a leading member of the one world order which is also called as the new world order.

As for the saints and Christians, make a prayer and speak the Word of God over any non-vegetarian domesticated food in all the world, it will become sanctified and healthy for you to eat anytime anyplace and in anycountry. Hallelujah!

I believe that Wuhan wet market episode and big drama of accusing the bats, pangolins, snakes, and all such type of food that people eat has nothing to do with the real Corona virus which was leaked out from the Laboratry without doubt. So the Globalist are inline with Chinese red dragon agenda to promote it to fulfill their desires for a global one world government to come in to existence.

The pornography being used to promote all type of unnatural sexual orientation in all the world, (i.e.) heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual is done by the spirit of Antichrist to destroy the institution of marriage completely. Let us be alert to the evil effect that pronography has on Christians, and let us unite to ask the Lord to give grace in our time of need to overcome this evil spirit that comes to gratify itself through masturbation and thus destroy the intimacy of marriage and its oneness completely.


Are we saved through believing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ? If not let us run to God calling on the name of Jesus to save us from sin and be saved now.


Much Blessings...


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