Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dream Interpretation : Ox Anointing!

Do You Have Any Ideas?

Question : I was just reading your article "The Beauty of God's Ox Anointing" and I think it is amazing. I had a wild dream last night and I prayed to God trying to tell me what it meant. I saw someone injured on the rugby field, I ran to them and tried to keep them calm. Before you know it, my legs were given unto them but the 'doctor' gave me new legs and a new body. I can't remember who the doctor was but my legs were small but really strong. My feet were like the hooves of an ox. My body was that of a wild ox but I was standing up, even my head with two horns and the head of an ox. I was mad because I did not know what to think of it. But when I started to move, I was sooooo fast, faster than any human capabilities. And I could jump so high. I jumped over the stands of a stadium and I was in shock. And I started to slow down because I say a girl and I did not want her to be scared by my presence so I jogged passed her/stopped running, and tried to comfort her. But left her because I was jogging to something else. I'm still scared of the dream but I have been seeking God like crazy lately. Do you have any ideas?

Answer : Greetings to you in Jesus name.

The injured person in a rugby field is someone in need whom God will take you and use you to comfort them. Your legs were given unto them means, you will move strongly in compassion and empathize with people's misery, tragedy and need as though you were the one affected. The people affected with demonic bondage's through the prince of the power of air which controls the whole world will be brought in to subjection by the power of God through you. With the strength of an ox you will wildly move against the evil one and the demonic strongholds that come against you, you will completely destroy their activities in the lives of the people who come to you. You will be given a supernatural strength to run against demonic powers. You legs are small but strong shows that you are have just now entered in to this supernatural realm of the Spirit. You need to grow in faith to become mature in this. Hoof of an ox is something that shows that you are separated and made clean for this purpose so that you can sacrifice your life as a living sacrifice for the GLORY OF GOD
(Lev 11:1-4; Rom 12:1)! The doctor who has given this new body and new legs is God Himself. Your natural strength has been taken out by the trials that have come your way. God had sent it your give you a supernatural strength. Horns on your head is the authority that God has released upon your life.

Your maneuvering in the spirit will be great and new release of information and power against the enemies strategies will be given to you by God. You need to pray in the spirit and start moving in the spirit realm to see this supernatural maneuvering to increase in your life. But sometimes you will deal people in natural way of compassion, just to make them not scared of the move of the Spirit. But you will return back to the way of maneuvering in the spirit realm again because you will be jogging to the beat of it and not always to the natural way of compassion. God has shown this to make you understand that when you behave in a peculiar way in the spirit, do not worry you are made for this. A new OX ANOINTING HAS COME YOU WAY
(Psalm 92:9-11). Praise the Lord! Blessings ....


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