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Loving God Versus Starving Children

Does God Really Care For The Starving Children?

Question : Greetings to you in Jesus name! Sir I have a question to you, though it might sound stupid. I now find it so hard to share the things of God to any non believers because when I was sharing the word of God to one man who is a friend, he asked me a question that I couldn't answer him properly and he was not satisfied too. His question was why do kids die because of starvation. Where is the loving God at that moment? He also asked me if your God is full of love, full of mercy then why didn't he feel pity on that child who dies of hunger? Where was your God at that moment? Why did he just let that child die of lack of food and in starvation, when that child didn't even know about sin? Does your God know much about what is happening in the world or doesn't know much about the present world. And why there is a seperation of religions?

Answer : Greetings!! I believe that non believers are still blind to God and therefore questions like these are the stronghold that keeps them from coming humbly to the Lord, so that they can be saved by accepting that they are sinners in need of a Savior. The mighty apostle Paul said,
"3 But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, 4 whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them." (2 Cor 4:3-4). This above verses shows that all unbelievers are blind spiritually from seeing God and his activities because Satan who is the pseudo god of this age have blinded their minds so that the gospel of the glory of Christ might not be revealed to their grasp of understanding for salvation.

But God has kept believers like you and me in the midst of the world of unbelievers,
"to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in [Jesus]...’" (Acts 26:18). We are the light of the revelation of the true God to this world that has no idea or knowledge about this good God (Matt 5:14). God's children are the agents of transformation in this world which needs the salvation of Jesus desperately, so it is good not only to share the good news but live it for others to see so that they might come to accept the God whom we proclaim through our words and life (Matt 28:19-20; 1 Cor 11:1). It is our duty to share the good news of Jesus Christ to all those whom we meet (Mark 16:15), but according to Jesus some will accept and others will reject it (Luke 10:9-11). Even though it is our duty to share the gospel to unbelievers, we should be able to share it with the love of God in our heart or else stay quiet until we are filled with the love of God (Rom 5:5).

Because God shared His love to us through sending His only begotten Son, we were saved from our sinful life and are heading to heaven
(John 3:16). In the same way, only when we share our love towards others through sharing the gospel, we can expect them to be saved in their day of salvation that God has appointed for them (2 Cor 6:2; 1 Peter 2:12). Unbelievers can only be touched for sure by our love for God and good works that accompany it through the power of the Holy Ghost (John 17:23). God's desires all to be saved and does not want any of them to perish in sin for eternity (1 Tim 2:3-4). So with much patience and love of God, we should continue to do the work of the evangelist (2 Tim 4:5). In the first century when persecution rose against the Church and prohibition had been given not to preach the gospel openly, simple believers who got scattered from Jerusalem began to proclaim in all the areas of Judea and Samaria while the apostles stayed in Jerusalem (Acts 8:1, 4). As a result of it, it spread so fast that the apostles then followed these mighty believers to impart spiritual gifts to those who were touched by them. In our generation too, we can turn the world upside down if we as believers keep sharing the gospel with conviction to all people around us (Acts 17:6). We cannot convit the unbelievers of sin, it is the duty of the Holy Spirit who has been told by Jesus to do this job and He will do it (John 16:8). All we need to need to do is to share our testimony and continue to pray for all people who come in to contact with us when we share the gospel. The power of the word of God which we share is like a seed which falls in to the heart of the receivers. The heart of the receivers can be likened to a field, when the seed of the word falls in to the ground of the heart, it will start to sprout out and give fruit when we continue to pray for them. Praying can be likened to pouring water in to the field where we have planted the seed of the word of God and our testimony of what Jesus has done for us. When we do what we can, God will begin to bless us and do what we cannot do, which is to make the unbelievers agree that they are sinners and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and thereby follow Him the rest of their lives. Sharing our testimony and the gospel is what we can do naturally, transforming a sinner in to a saint is what God will do supernaturally in response to us.

Kids die of starvation because of the following reasons,

1) God gave a choice to our forefather Adam in the beginning when he created humans. The choice was to obey God's command voluntarily out of love for Him or disobey Him because of selfishness and rebellion
(Gen 2:16-17). Sadly accepting the external influence of Satan through a snake, he did rebel because of selfishness and have got the rightful curse that belongs to all sinners (Gen 3:6-7, 15-19; Matt 25:41, 46). The Bible says that because of this one man sin, the whole of creation is groaning and suffering the effects of sin which is death that has spread to all creation born in this planet from that time onwards (Rom 5:12; 8:22). Inspite of our sins, God loved us so much that he made a plan to clothe us with garments of salvation inorder to save us from sin and death if we continue to have faith in His goodness and severity (Rom 11:22; Isa 61:10). This spiritual salvation is what was symbolically revealed in the garden of Eden when God sacrificed a animal and clothed both our first father Adam and mother Eve with the blood seething skin of animals which covered their nakedness permanently (Gen 3:21). Starvation leads to death and therefore the indirect rootcause of it is sin (Rom 6:23). God in His original will did not want any child to die of starvation and so He gave Adam and Eve a garden environment for obedience to His word and command, but then our forefather sinned and the whole of creation fell in to a curse of starvation (Gen 3:17-19).

2) When Adam our forfather sinned, he lost his authority to rule over the earth to Satan to whom he obeyed
(Rom 6:16). Sin began to reign in the mortal bodies of humans and man began to obey its lust (Rom 6:12). Thus through the fallen sin nature of lawlessness working strongly against man apart from God, man became a pawn in the hands of the Devil and his demonic cohorts. Satan has become the pseudo ruler of the world system of governance (2 Cor 4:4). He began to fulfill his vengeance and evil desires against God by completely controlling the world of humans through his evil suggestions spoken in to the heart of all humans and thus destroying the lives of precious humans which includes the starving children (Luke 4:5-6; Gen 4:7). Do you know that coveteousness in the heart of all humans that makes them store food above what is needed and leave the rest of the world in starvation? When there are just goverments in all the world with love of God towards one another, there will hardly be any country that will actually have a single child starving to death. So man living with covetousness and with out the love of God in his heart is the cause of this type of child starvation in the world (Matt 24:12).

3) The sin of the whole world has been increasing in leaps and bounds like never before in these end of end times
(Matt 24:12). As a result of it God has decreed judgment upon the world for its evil even before two thousand years ago itself through the prophecies of Jesus. See because God is love, he is so dead serious against sin (1 John 4:8). Jesus predicted wars of nation against nation, people group against people group because of lack of love and rumours of wars always as a result of such increase in the evil and sinful thinking of human mind during the end time (Matt 24:6). God cannot tolerate sin because actually it destroys man and makes earth become hell instead of being like a replica of heaven. So in one of the main prophecies that Jesus told all believers to look for earthquakes, famines and plagues as the sign of precursor judgment of God during the end times. Jesus told this will actually increase in all the world like a women in labour suddenly and increasingly (Matt 24:7). We see starvation of children in many nations around the world because of war and the end time signs of God's judgment because of sin. Who is the cause? The sinfullness of man is the cause and the justice of a just God is the means (Psa 9:8). Next the good news about this judgment is that, at the end of this great tribulation Jesus Himself who is God in human form will return back to bring peace to all the earth and rule the earth for a thousand years in perfect righteousness along with the righteous saints in their glorious bodies (Rev 20:4; Psa 98:9). Then God will truly administer justice without taking bribe in all the world, thus giving food and clothing to all those starving children in all the world (Deut 10:17-19). Praise the Lord!

The moment starvation of children take place, God is active in the heart of all men
[i.e. mainly all the govermental heads of all nations] and are speaking to them through various ways to help the poor and save the starving children. One thing all men should understand is, the heavens is the Lord's and he takes care of it all the time, but the earth God has given to the living sons of men and therefore expects them to take care of it by connecting to Him in love and willingness (Psa 115:16-18). If man fails in his duty to take care because of various reasons of selfishness that comes because of sin, he is accountable to this just God one day, till then God will try to speak and make man understand his duty towards God and one another (Job 33:14-18; Eccl 12:13-14). He also expects the Church to become a voice of justice in the world and an example of good works to turn the world from its madness and darkness of godless living (1 Cor 6:1-2; Gal 6:9). So God is trying to reach out to the starving world through the good works of the Church too (James 1:27; 2:14-17). In fact through the Great Tribulation of the end time, the real people with faith towards God will shows acts of compassion to the starving people of God by even risking their own lives (Matt 25:31-46).

God is a real gentle man. He cannot work on earth because of delegating His authority to humans. He himself cannot step in to the direct administration of earth without breaking His own word in which he said,
"Let them [i.e. humans] have dominion over the" (Gen 1:26). If God had said, "Let us have dominion over the earth", then any man could rightfully ask where is the loving God present when a child is starving to death. If God had said, "Let us have dominion over the earth", it means that he has put Himself as a joint administrator along with humans to manage the earth. In fact if God had done that, no man could have rightfully exercised his power of choice freely without any external influence or in full liberty. So to ask, where is God when it hurts is a illogical lie propogated by the devil to make the humans angry against this God who in His faithfulness to His word chooses not to step in to the earth. Think about it, if God has chosen to step in to the earth no man could live because of his sinful thinking and actions that come out of our sin nature (Eccl 7:20). In His love he chose to cover the sins of man by sacrificing his only begotten Son and thus has made way for a blessed future for all of us humans without making us to pay the penalty for all our sins (Prov 10:12; John 3:16). If God judges the sins of man immediately, who can stand (Psa 130:3)? Nobody! But thank God that his love and truth protects us from His judgment (Psa 40:11). God knows that we humans are nothing but dust who live for a while like grass and pass away like a wind unnoticed and therefore He pities towards us as a Father pities towards his children and forgives all our wrong doings and still loves us unconditionally (Psa 103:12-16). Thank God for Jesus through whom we have received forgiveness of all our past, present and future sins unconditionally at the moment we believed Him as our Lord and Saviour (Col 3:13; Eph 1:13; 4:32).

Man cannot work to feed the needs of the world without the God who is the source of all goodness
(James 1:17). God will not work without man. With God in partnership man can do all thing profitable to the whole world, like Jesus did in partnership with God when he healed the sick and went on doing all sorts of good things to humanity (Luke 1:37; Acts 10:38; John 5:19). The God who is full of love and mercy is reaching out to the world through good men who sins are forgiven and those who follow his foot steps. You and I can be the extended hands of God to the poor, needy and the starving children in the whole world. Mother Theresa said, even if what I do is a drop in the ocean of humanity that is suffering, still that compassionate drop makes a difference to the ocean. So the man who has asked the question can choose to proactively make a difference instead of pessimistically asking illogical questions which does nothing but make others foolish too.

All the children who die before the age of accountability will be received by the angels in heaven and therefore have a better life than this present sin cursed life on earth
(Rom 7:9). Finally there is serperation of religions because there is a devil who has come to deceive people with religions when God has instituted only a relationship for all humans with Himself (Gen 3:8). Religion is a man's poor substitute to fill the God shaped void that God has kept in the innermost being of all humans, which was actually put there to get filled by Himself when man is in posture of submission, worship and adoration. If God doesn't care for the earth even for a second, all the creation may get in to chaos like when it was before everthing was created (Gen 1:2). Jesus himself said that God takes no rest since the time man chose to sin and bring destruction, suffering and curse upon himself and his offspring, God has been continuously working in all the world to restore and reverse the effect of sin upon humanity (John 5:17). Only one perfect Sabbath God had rest since creation (John 5:16). If God doesn't know what is happening in the world, how can He extravagantly claim for Himself, " 6 “ Thus says the LORD, the King of Israel, and his Redeemer, the LORD of hosts: ‘ I am the First and I am the Last; Besides Me there is no God. 7 And who can proclaim as I do? Then let him declare it and set it in order for Me, since I appointed the ancient people. And the things that are coming and shall come, let them show these to them." (Isa 44:6-7). In other words, God is saying if you want to know whether I know what is happening in the world at present or not, check my reputation in my past in which I have done what I have declared, then believe the future that I am proclaiming by what is happening in the present time of which I have already told you in the past through my word. Truly our God who sits in eternity (Isa 57:15), has orchestrated the past, controls the present and will lead us in to the future He has already planned. Praise the Lord!

Much Blessings.....


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