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Can Any Nation Stop The Storms By Its Technology?

No Country On Earth Is Safe And Secure From Wild Hurricanes And Ripping Storms Which Bring Strange Tides Of Destruction!

"And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And here on earth the nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the roaring seas and strange tides. People will be terrified at what they see coming upon the earth, for the powers in the heavens will be shaken." (Luke 21:25, NLT).

As the Bible reveals, one part of this verse speaks that in the end time roaring of seas will happen which are usually referred as Tsunami Waves like a HIGH WALL invading the land from the seas, the frequency of which we are seeing more than ever before, but the other part of it is
"strange tides" happens when God shakes the powers of heaven which are demonic and calamitous to cause natural storms of unrest of catastrophic proportion.

Believe me that when we see the demonic
"powers in the heavens" are shaken by God to let them know that their time is up (Rev 12:12), they are enraged to cause damage and kill the lives of people that they have ruled by fear and control for Millenniums in the past (John 10:10). The target of rage is not the unsaved people who live in Satan's kingdom, but those saved saints who live among them and thrive under the supernatural protection of God, which is revealed in Rev 12:13, 15, where it says, "Satan the dragon saw that he has been cast to the earth" and he started persecuting the saints "by spewing water out of his mouth like a flood after the woman [(i.e. Saints in all nations)], so that they might be carried away by the flood."

Hurricanes And Earthquakes

Hurricanes arise due to interactions between the atmosphere and the ocean, whereas earthquakes are caused by the motions of solid earth. But scientists have long searched for a connection between the two types of natural events, which often occur in succession. Hurricanes are called typhoons in parts of Asia.

The Earth's system as a whole, in which there are hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, space storms, they all form an interconnected system.

The link between the two types of natural disasters and other types is clearer: Earthquakes can trigger mudslides, tsunamis and volcanoes, while hurricanes can cause floods, tornadoes and landslides. Biblically we see that when Jesus foretold about the end time, he spoke about both the type of natural disasters and the aftereffect of it when he said,
"7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows." (Matt 24:7-8). First Jesus spoke about the after effect of Hurricanes, (i.e.) famines, pestilences, and thereafter he shifts the topic entirely to "earthquakes in various places", which gives us a clue that the interconnected system of earth, works in parallel to one another. We know already here and there around the world, these hurricanes and earthquake are happening in various and diverse places causing great damage, sorrow and loss of human life in a few moments of time.

Still considering the huge population that our earth carries in our generation with more than seven billion people on it, these destruction are only
"the beginning of sorrows", which means the end of the end times have officially arrived and have started to roll on and on to increase in intensity of destruction as like a "birth pangs" upon a woman in labor. The word ‘sorrows’ was translated from the Greek word ‘ōdin’ which literally means ‘the pain of childbirth, travail pain, birth pangs’. The initial pains of labor start several minutes apart. As the actual birth draws closer, the labor pains get more intense, increase in number and get closer together. In the same way a mother is told that a baby is coming out to bring joy to the family, the people of God are told that the time of joy to meet the Lord is drawing near and the day of Rapture will be the day of the family of faith of all times to have a reunion of joy to celebrate it forever and ever. But to the world the clear message is conveyed that something worse of God's wrath is being set loose for sin to be judged and righteousness to be established on the earth for a thousand years at the end of it all. Whose side we are in the end times will decide, whether we will enjoy it or suffer from what is happening on earth. If we are on God's side, only joy awaits! If we are on living in self and sin to be in Satan's side as a unsaved sinner, only the wrath of God awaits us to cause more sorrow to us and eternal suffering!

How does God help the saints of God in all the earth?

Through the covenant He made with Noah and all the earth, by bringing the rainbow again to remember and show to the world that is disrespecting the same rainbow by making it a flag to fly as a symbol of homosexuality to promote this abomination in all the world (Gen 9:11-17). Thus by the mercy of God, "the earth opened up its mouth and swallowed up the flood which Satan had spewed out of his mouth." We know how God drains the flood water through the sunshine to make the earth once again dry as soon as possible and also turn it in to a blessing of raising the ground water storage for the population on earth to survive through. God turns the curse of Satan in to a blessing (Deut 23:5).

So in the end times we live in, we will see sudden storms of great disaster that Satan will try to bring to destroy the saints on earth along with unbelievers.

What we understand from the above?

Satan is hell bent on destroying the saints who are left with faith in Christ Jesus on earth. God loves them too much to preserve them by His sovereign protection all over the earth.

If you don't believe what I am saying, take the Bible to see what Satan did when he was given power by God over the life of Job the saint of God,

(i) Through violence he killed people and the same he is already doing by making one group of people hate the other group of people in this multi-polar world of the end time, to steal, kill and destroy peace among the people living on earth like in Noah's time (Job 1:15; Gen 6:5, 11; Luke 17:26; Matt 24:7), a living hell is unleashed as the love of many has grown cold because of lawlessness (Matt 24:12).

(ii) Through bringing fire from heaven he killed people, in the same way he will bring fire from heaven through false prophet in the end time to deceive and kill many to make people ultimately accept his mark of the beast which will lead them to hell with a guarantee seal on them (Job 1:16-17; Rev 13:13).

(iii) And finally he manipulates the wind to become great wind to destroy houses and people who live in it (Job 1:18-19). By manipulating the wind, Satan is able to not only bring Tsunami from the sea, but floods on the earth by uneven and concentrated rain fall in a particular area which will flood the place in a short span of time all over the earth to cause disaster of Biblical proportions, which will cause famines as the earthworms which are needed for fertilization of land starts to die after the flood, and pestilence and diseases start to spread through the contaminated urban flooding in the cities causing fear of death in all the hearts of people, and death itself invading all over the world (Matt 24:7).

The insurance companies of the world never retribute the people involved in storms with any money afterwards, because they call all these things as the acts of God. But what happens in reality in the heavenlies is, when sin increases, the time for God's judgment comes (Gen 15:16). In the fullness of time of God's judgment, Satan appears before God and gets the power to execute it because all the people who were to be judged was under him in sin which has given legal authority to him to rule over their lives and also do whatever he wants to in the will of God (John 8:44). Remember, he does not want to actually destroy his own kingdom and he will never dare to do it (Matt 12:24-26), but as it is the time of God's judgment on earth, he have to execute the Word of His command and therefore Satan in rage executes the decree of the Lord but in his sadistic rage concentrates to kill the saints along with the unsaved sin enjoying earth dwellers (Revelation 3:10, 6:10, 11:10, 13:8, 12, 14, 14:6), so that he could very soon bring the time of the rule of Antichrist to fruition where He could rule the entire earth under His iron grip control through the seal of Antichrist.

Acts Of God Or Doings Of The Devil?

So by saying all storms and flood as the acts of God, Satan wants the world to see a cruel God and not the Holy God who never tolerates with sin but has given grace and mercy through Jesus Christ until now. Instead of unsaved humans seeing their sin and repenting of it to get right with God, many till the end will believe a cruel God who wants to destroy the earth with his ego because of his sadistic nature, when in fact the one who is playing the deceit through his own lies in-between God and the people is Satan and his demonic Kingdom.

We are seeing so many storms all over the planet that many of us are seeing a article of the proposal of an emergency escape boat to be kept as an important part of the household items in every city and every household to make a way of escape in case of emergency flood.

So what is the message of God to his people in this important time of the Son of Man Jesus Christ, who has predicted these times and have become the Messiah of hope for the nations around the world for the times we live in (Hag 2:7)?

The one clear message of Jesus to all the whole of humanity that is living in the end times is, 'GET RIGHT WITH GOD BY REPENTING OF YOUR SINS AND BE SAVED BY BELIEVING IN ME THE MESSIAH OF THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN.'

As for the believers in Jesus Christ, the clear message of the Son of Man Jesus Christ is, 'KEEP ALERT AT ALL TIMES. AND PRAY THAT YOU MIGHT BE STRONG ENOUGH TO ESCAPE [THROUGH RAPTURE] THESE COMING HORRORS AND STAND BEFORE THE SON OF MAN.' (Luke 21:36, NLT).

Is The Age Of Grace Coming To An End?

The age of grace that God unleashed through the Church of Jesus Christ, to all the world for nearly two thousand years is nearly coming to an end, and we can see the signs of it all around the world as we have seen in this article of mine from THE BIBLE, the very acronym and abbreviation which says BASIC INSTRUCTION BEFORE LEAVING EARTH.

So let him or her who has spiritual eyes and ears of the heart open to God's voice and his revelation from heaven to hear it and to see the reality of truth and be saved and escape from calamity invading all the earth (Matt 11;15).


Repent And Be Saved To Watch And Pray!

GOD LOVES YOU and wants you to REPENT of sins and get ready for the greatest escape of history before the wrath of God gets unleashed on earth exactly as He has forewarned in the Bible through Jesus Christ (John 3:16; Luke 13:1-5). Don't be a religious hypocrite, discern the time we live in wisely (Luke 12:54-56).

Don't be like those sin hardened Antichrist following nuts, who will believe his lies and blaspheme God for his judgment on sin through the supernatural calamities of heaven that will come upon them, rather than repent of their sin and turn to God to be saved for eternity ahead and be comforted forever (Rev 16:1-21). Those people who followed the temporal mammon that was supplied through Satan and his cohorts were Kings of the earth, the great men, rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man who were hell bent on destroying their soul, these people were only ready to hide scurrying for cover by getting in to caves and asking the mountains to cover them just like Satan and his demons that rule them run away from the light of the Messiah's arrival rather than repent and be saved from the great day of the Wrath of His coming to the earth (Matt 24:29; 8:28-29; Rev 6:12-17; Mark 1:23-24). None can hide on earth from the light of the rising Messiah at His coming to the earth because it will be a supernatural light that will pierce to ever corner of atom present on earth.

If there is one thing that I would like to shout to myself and to other brothers and sisters, and to all humanity in all the world from every roof top if given a chance by God to live and speak his wondrous works in this generation, it is only one word and it is simple, 'REPENT!'

So as soon as possible, REPENT AND BE SAVED, if you know that you are saved then WATCH AND PRAY TO STAY AWAKE in order to ESCAPE THE WRATH OF GOD through Rapture!

Stay Awake Or Perish With Unbelievers!

Why stay awake when you are already saved? When you are saved you cannot continue in sin without repentance of sorrow that leads to life (2 Cor 7:10). Only when you are spiritually awake and live in the light of fellowship with God, the blood of Jesus will continue to cleanse you from sin and you will not be ashamed when Jesus comes to take you away from the world through the glorious Rapture (1 John 1:7, 9; 2:28; 3:2-3). Only when you stay awake to take notice of the transformation of life your belief brings, you can really know whether you have a saving faith or not, and also you can supply yourself a abundant entrance in to heaven through rapture or even before that if God takes you up through physical death (2 Peter 1:10-11; 2 Cor 13:5-6). Lawlessness desensitizes our spiritual antenna to make it defective enough so as to not to read the spiritual signal of whether we are saved by faith or not, which will cause malfunction and give us a false confidence to show falsely to ourselves to make us depend on our works, so we should be careful enough to maintain our good works so that we can be assured of our reward in heaven even if we start to sleep by chance through religious dead works (Matt 18:21-35; Luke 12:35-48; Matt 7:21-23; Tit 3:8; Jude 1:3; Matt 25:3-5). So STAY AWAKE when JESUS COMES, indeed JESUS IS COMING just as he said, as we see all the signs that He has spoken getting fulfilled day by day, more and more, and all around us in all the world! Only a spiritually blind man can live without noticing the fulfillment of the warnings that He has given to all the saints of the end time generation!

You can almost hear every month, every week a new storm rising in one nation or the other around the world. No nation can stop the storms from hitting them to devastate where it wants, because sovereignty of God rules over humans. So hear what God is saying to the nations through natural calamities, as it is the warning signs from heaven for humans to repent and turn to God. When a storm arises, humans are able to predict where it is heading, what devastation it is going to do, then how come nations are not able to understand why these things are happening? Because they do not want to realize the spiritual connection to the natural calamities that are coming to the world, which is sinking in sin and violence to make it as like a living hell on earth. Natural calamities in apocalyptic proportion are coming day in and day out, that we get used to the news of destruction that happens here and there. Do not forget, the same calamity can happen to us without warning to take us out of the world suddenly, if we do not repent of our sins to look to the Lord and be saved. If we are saved, then thank God for it and we must make sure that we are awake to watch and pray spiritually so that we might escape the wrath that is coming upon the world for its sins. 


Much Blessings....


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